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If you follow the news, you probably received a breaking news alert that Transport for London (TfL) decided not to renew Uber’s license to operate in London. On the face of it, you’d think that the app would have all but ceased to exist with immediate effect, but the truth is – that couldn’t be further from the truth – whether you think that’s a good thing or not. For riders, it’s business as usual with Uber in London, at least until an appeal result is delivered.

a car with a self driving vehicleWhat’s Happened To Uber In London?

If this sounds like deja-vu, you’re not alone. Uber has once again been informed that TfL will not renew the rideshare giants operating license for London. Obviously, as a currently licensed operator, Uber has the right to appeal the decision, and they will.

Basically, your Uber app still works, and if you tap for a ride, you’ll get one and it’ll feel as if nothing has happened. Uber successfully appealed the last time this happened, and has complied with TfL’s requests for greater transparency about drivers backgrounds, and so forth.

a man leaning against a carEnter: The Uber x TfL Appeal Process

Uber’s troubles began in 2017, when Transport for London first pulled their operating license. Two extensions were granted as the company came into compliance on driver background checks and other crucial safety features. The second extension is now up, but Uber can continue to operate during the appeal process.

While safety, regulatory and finance concerns are legitimate and the infamous “Black Cabs” must be protected, it’s hard to understand where Uber has run afoul of TfL, considering they’ve implemented each of the demands levied upon them thus far.

The only takeaway here is simple: Uber still works, you can still hail a ride and it’s all perfectly legal. At least, for the near future. In fact, there may be fewer people competing for the same ride, thanks to the misinformation – so you may not even wait as long.


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  1. As a great Uber fan, this is very disappointing. However, Uber has brought it upon itself with, apparently, over 14,000 recent incidences of driver ID fraud, effectively providing uninsured rides, often with drivers who are not who they say they are and have no insurance.

    It is absolutely right that Uber must be forced to obey basic rules, just like everyone else

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