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The gym membership may have started it, but it’s hard to think of a business in the world that isn’t now in the “subscription” business.

As Uber looks to pivot from uber expansive to uber profitable, the transportation and ride share giant is adding tailored passes to its fleet, including a new subscription offer called ‘Uber One’, which combines perks on food delivery, ride discounts and preferred service.

For many, the pass could represent significant savings or value, particularly with an introductory 50% off offer, taking the pass from $99.99 a year, to $49.99. And as an added bonus, if Uber goes over the ‘latest arrival estimate’, you’ll get $5 back every time!

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‘Uber One’ Subscription

Uber has long offered its ride only subscription and Uber Eats only subscriptions, but that’s created a bit of a fracture and frustration among customers who feel like they are paying the same company twice.

To bridge the gap, Uber has launched ‘Uber One’, which offers benefits on rides and delivery, in addition to providing better service. The new subscription, which is on flash sale for $49.99 annually, rather than $99.99 offers a 5% discount on rides and food, and $0 fee on food deliveries over $15, as well as grocery orders over $30.

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In a customer friendly move, ‘Uber One’ subscribers also get $5 every time a driver wait time estimate is missed by the app, which also helps to protect customers from drivers gaming the system for higher fares, or at least, trying to.

Since Uber isn’t always known for providing the best customer support, “premium” customer support is also a part of this package, though its efficacy is yet to be fully tested. Plus, drivers are supposed to be among the highest rated, for all Uber One customers.

Limited Time Offer

With 5% off rides, food delivery and groceries, plus the $5 back every time Uber messes up wait estimates, it’s not all that hard to think someone could get $49.99 of value back in a year. For many, the figure could be a multiple in value.

And right now, you can lock in the $49.99 during this intro period.

At $99.99 a year it would take very frequent use, and likely an unfortunate number of frustrating missed pickup windows, but this limited time offer solves that. The offer expires November 29th, when the price will go back up to $99.99, from $49.99.

If it makes sense for you, it’s probably a great time to dive in and explore!

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  1. Yeah, no thanks. This is a downgrade from the old Uber pass which was 10% on rides. Couple that with Uber’s horrendous customer service, even as a gold member. Priority my ass. I wouldn’t sign up for this due to Uber’s customer service alone. Uber does well outside of the US, but in the US, it’s Lyft for me.

  2. This reads more like a paid ad and not a really breakdown of value….would never sign up for this given lack of any value and exorbitantly high prices for ubers of late

    1. Do you see any affiliate links? Ironically, given your actual complaints, it probably makes sense for you, given that you’d be saving on each of those “exorbitantly priced” fares.

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