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Other than a celebrity looking to remain incognito in airports, find me someone who likes traveling in a face covering, and I’ll find you a liar. Though masks are essential to protecting ourselves and those around us right now, they’re not all that much fun, and present some unique challenges in travel – like smiling, or talking.

I recently found a mask though that does the trick for me, balancing relative comfort and snug fit, with greater ability to breath and talk, without feeling restricted. Even better, it’s made with woven copper, a known antimicrobial, which helps actually kill up to 99% virus and bacteria, rather than just keep most of it from entering.

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Antimicrobial Copper Face Mask

I tried a mask from Etsy which looks cool, but makes me feel as if I’m suffocating whenever I talk. I also tried the generic disposal “single use” masks, but those felt wasteful and not all that well fitting. I then pretty much threw in the towel, considering a purchase of the Adidas face coverings, until I tried Copper Clothing’s new face masks.

I’ve long used Copper Clothing’s compression flight socks to help prevent against DVT and other unfriendly elements in the flying environment, so I figured it was worth a shot. The masks are £22 and ship internationally, plus there’s a 15% discount right now.

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Trying on the mask for the first time was a sigh of relief, well, relatively. I’d prefer not to wear one at all one day, but for now it’s the best I’ve tried. In an inoffensive grey tone, it looks pretty good too.

The mask offers adjustable over ear straps, which help create a nice seal, while also bridging the gaps between the unique sizing of everyone’s face. Basically, my Large fits well, and if I tighten the strap, it fits snugly.

The standout comfort feature though, is the mini dome that’s given to the nose. I can actually breath, and there’s enough space for me to talk, without feeling my lips are constantly smacking against a piece of cloth. That’s an all too rare occurrence these days, so I’ll take it. Read as: it’s the most comfortable mask I’ve tried on to date.

Actual Copper brings more to the table when it comes to virus and bacteria though, and it’s not just a name.

These Copper Clothing Masks are woven with copper micro fibers all over, and four different layers of protection. Copper is known as an antimicrobial and has long been internationally recognized to kill up to 99% of virus and bacteria on its own within 10 minutes of contact.

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Unlike other masks, it’s likely to actually kill harmful virus or bacteria that somehow make their way onto the surface, rather than just keep most of it from entering your airways. Really. Fun fact, it’s also why copper was used in ancient cultures for cooking.

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to fit, color, material and features, but this is the best option I’ve found for fit, safety, quality and my ability to breath and talk with relative ease. I’ll miss my Dia De Los Muertes pattern from my Etsy mask, but that’s about it.

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  1. Some interesting claims here, yes copper is effective at killing/deactivating microbes – I think some studies say 4hours for SARS-Cov-2

    How much copper is in the mask? What area of the mask would actually come into contact with microbes vs just sitting on the fabric? Has any testing of the actual mask/material used been carried out to make such claims?

  2. I was in India for most of the year, and purchased 2 copper flasks, along with copper utensils. Everyone (including in the slums) cook, eat and drink from copper.

    The benefits are widely known.

  3. Do they sell these anywhere domestically in the US? The international shipping actually costs more than the mask!

      1. It might be because I live in Wisconsin. Aside from the beer, cheese curds and hiking, we’re kind of shunned.

    1. Hi, Steve & John, you will be able to get it shipped to US at nominal rates, they have their stockist who is shipped from there, so I guess it should work now. Till now, they were shipping from the UK, so it was bit expensive back then. I just ordered my masks 🙂 Please ping me if you are able to place the order and use their discount code CC15, you will get an additional 15%.

  4. Kills virus within 10 minutes. Right. No problem there, just hold your breath for 10 minutes each time, after the first cycle you’ll be very dead and the relevance of the mask is abated.

    Speaking as a healthcare provider: $25.50 (US) including the “generous discount” and free shipping isn’t just silly. It’s obscene.

    1. So it’s better to have a mask which does nothing to kill surface virus/bacteria and wear it for 10 hours, than to have a mask which kills surface bacteria and virus, within 10 minutes? Speaking as a human on earth.

      And buying single use masks, or a series of $10 masks is better? I’ve spoken to quite a few healthcare providers who would say masks are essential, and the better the fit and composition of layers, the better.

  5. Have you ever tried wearing the mask the right way up? There is a thin metal bar stitched in to the mask, this is the top of the mask, which you can then mold to fit snugly around the bridge of your nose. When worn correctly the copper clothing label found on the outside of the mask is located at the top left-side.

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