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Flight deal game changer? We think so…

Is your head constantly spinning with all the new red tape and restrictions around most airline tickets? Not sure if you get a bag, online check in, a meal or even a seat?! You’re not alone, and finally someone is doing something about it. Hipmunk has long been one of our favorite flight deal sites, but their newest features put them a step above the rest, offering everything you need to book the “right” flight deal suited to your interests…

a screenshot of a computerChat Deals

Hipmunk has long offered neat, flexible search tools. If you just want to get away, you can search by interest such as “beach”, “snow”, “culture” and more. Hipmunk also allows chat. Using artificial intelligence, you can message Hipmunk via email, Facebook Messenger or Skype, asking simple questions like what are the best days to fly from New York to Miami this month, for a five day trip? You’ll get responses with detailed search results offering the lowest fares, directly in your inbox or chat – which you can book.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleSo Much More

But now they’ve only gone and blown the lid off flight deal searching as we know it, thanks to their latest web update. You’ll instantly see a matrix of price results with detailed information about each ticket. The app will fully explain what each basic economy does and does not include, you’ll see wifi information, meal offerings, power port availability and even info about how many miles you’ll earn. All in one screen. You can also customize what you care most about in a ticket. These features will soon be available on the app as well.

a screenshot of a computerRight Flight

This is all part of Hipmunk’s “Right Flight” movement. Hipmunk got in touch to let us know that these new tools are meant to bring customers the right flight result, every time. Those who care more about miles earned can prioritize results based on miles earned, people who care about wifi can see the best prices that have wifi available. The same goes for meals and more. The app now even offers images (where available) of the interiors of each plane, to give a realistic sense of what you’re booking.

a white cell phone with a screen showing flight informationHipmunk VS Google Flights

Google Flights has long been a go to for searching deals, and thanks to their free price trackers  the site always will be. But this new suite of tools and integrations from Hipmunk allowing you to search once and receive all the info you need, is tough to argue with. We’ll certainly be using the website and app a lot more in the near future. The competition is on – and we win. Hipmunk simply must become a part of your future flight search.

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