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We just want the best flight deals all the time, right?

Search one, search them all. That’s the first lie travelers are fed about booking airline tickets. Airline prices are complicated beasts based on inventory, seasonality, route and countless other equations, but time and time again – some sites offer the best prices.

To ensure you score the best deal on your next flight booking we’ll show you the cheapest and best flight booking sites on the web. We don’t think you should search one of these search engines, we think you should search all. And if you do – you’re just about guaranteed to get the best price.

a group of palm treesMomondo

Momondo is a search engine super site. The platform pulls prices from over 400 different online travel agencies, scouring the earth for the very best flight deals. But sadly, it’s not foolproof. We regularly find better prices on Momondo than any other site in the world, but occasionally it fails when airlines are offering direct deals. Make this a mandatory part of any flight searches, but be sure to compare with other sites recommended in this article.

Google Flights

Google Flights is our go-to flight booking resource. This is the first step in any smart flight search, and uses powerful tools derived from the ITA Matrix, the most powerful ticket booking software on the planet. Google Flights will almost always show the best prices offered directly by any airline – but occasionally it will not have access to private airline sales, or special fares only offered to travel agents. Here’s how to become a wizard at using Google flights.


CTrip is a unique booking site, which occasionally has access to fares not available elsewhere. Especially on European or intra Asian flights, it’s not impossible to find savings up to 30% less than other top booking sites. Be sure to include CTrip in any major searches before booking. It’s your money, after all.

a row of seats with monitors on the backKayak

Much like Momondo, Kayak is an incredibly powerful tool for finding cheap flights. Kayak pulls prices from more internet booking sites than we can count, prioritizing the very best deals. On top of the fantastic prices, you can even set price alerts – letting you know if prices go down. This is an invaluable way to save.

Expedia, Orbitz, eBookers, Travelocity

Assuming all prices are equal – we always suggest booking direct with the airline to avoid any hassle if plans change. But if you’re interested in booking flight and hotel, or flight and car rental packages – major booking sites can offer prices far below the competition. This is particularly useful for last minute, spur of the moment trips. Be sure to search at least one of these sites to see if you can save by booking a package.

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