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80,000 for $400 = good…

Hilton is making big moves in 2018. From exclusive concerts to crazy 3x points bonuses, and easy status matches, the Hilton Honors program seems very keen to pick up traveler frustration and turn it into major rewards. In the latest episode of this never ending hotel loyalty saga: Hilton is offering points at the lowest ever price. If you need to top off with a few points for your next big trip, or just wanna curb costs on you next trip by buying all the points, this sale is pretty spot on…

a bedroom with a large window overlooking the ocean
Hilton Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

The Hilton Points Sale

Hilton Honors is selling points in two blocks: 40,000 and 80,000 – and when you buy either you get double. Yes, that means if you buy 40,000 points, you’ll get 80,000 and if you buy 80,000 you’ll get 160,000. That’s a 100% bonus, and that ties the best ever points prices offered. That’s delightful, indeed. Purchasing a total of 80,000 points will cost $400 (£06) or 160,000 Hilton Honors points will run you $800 (£612).

a restaurant with tables and chairs under water
Conrad Rangali.

The Sale Details

Only 3,500 points packages are available, and when they sell out, they’re gone. Well, at least until the next points sale. With that in mind, this lowest ever sale technically runs on until September 20th, but we expect it to be long gone or sold out in the next day or so. If you’re looking to top off your Hilton Honors Points, do so now, or forever pay more. 160,000 Points could unlock some seriously nice hotel stays, and at $800, curb some major costs versus hotel rates.

a pool with a building and a pink sky
Conrad Bali.

How To Buy

The link to buy points is here. You’ll need a Hilton Honors account, if you don’t already have one. If you do, simply click the link, which will prompt you to login and complete your purchase. Uses for Hilton points are getting more and more flexible, such as 10,000 points for a pair of concert tickets, 10,000 points for some seriously solid hotels or 100,000 points for hotels that define the term “splurge” worthy. At the lowest ever price of just half a cent per point, you’d be pretty hard pressed not to extract good value out of the transaction. Enjoy your new points balance.

Are you snagging one of these points deals?

Featured image courtesy of the Conrad Bali, a fantastic place to stay…

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