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Summer and music, they just go together – right?

When you think Hilton Honors points, do you think free concert tickets to the summer’s hottest shows? Hilton is making a big push into the music industry, teaming up with LiveNation to allow members to easily cash in their points for many of the summers best events, all over the USA and beyond. And hey, with ticket prices increasing 3x in the last 10 years, cashing in just 10,000 points has never felt better.

a crowd of people in front of a stageHilton Honors Music

Hilton is on a mission to invade not just your hotel stays, but your entire entertainment lifestyle. They’ve partnered with the biggest bands and music companies to offer private concerts, like the recent Bastille gig in London with open bar, and they’re now making it easier than ever to cash in your Hilton Honors points for great concerts. In fact, 10,000 points will get you 2 lawn tickets to many of the summers best shows – including: Brad Paisley, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kevin Hart, Foreigner, Paramore, Rascal Flats and many, many more.

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How To Redeem

Easy. Login to your Hilton Honors account, or create one here if you don’t already have one. You can instantly turn Amex Membership Rewards or Citi Thank You points into Hilton Honors points, if you haven’t stacked up any Hilton points, yet. Once you’re logged in, you can view all the “Lawn Days” sales here and instantly redeem 10,000 points for two tickets. Since many of these concert tickets retail at over $100 a piece, you can get up to 2 cents of value per point, or more!

a pool with a thatched roof and palm trees and a city in the backgroundShould You Cash In?

Points are all about happiness. They’re about covering things you don’t want to spend your cash on. If two lawn tickets for a beautiful summer night sounds like the ideal way to have fun, without the usual price tag to go with it, get in! At 5,000 points per ticket, anything $50 or over is good value for your points and will definitely create some fun summer memories. If you need a plus one…

Are you exciting about the new Hilton Honors Music program?

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  1. Actually, these are mostly terrible shows that are well undersold. The lawn section is basically a giveaway for most of these shows and tickets are worth maybe $25-$30 at absolute most. Oftentimes you can get bogo offers and super cheap tix via stubhub for the lawn. This is not a good deal.

    1. Clearly, you’re the smartest man on the planet, and there’s no case in which you may be wrong. Thanks for confirming.

      1. Actually, on this topic, Don is spot on. For example, I can buy lawn seats for Foreigner for $18, 30 Seconds to Mars — $15. This is directly from Live Nation/Ticketmaster, not a resale site. There may be on very rare occasion this could be a nice use of Hilton Points, but those are few and far between.

        Now, for anything other than lawn seats, there could be some nice use of this redemption.

        1. It completely varies by market. In some cities, some bands sell tickets cheap. In others, they sell out, and lowest face value ticket is $50. Given most people value Hilton points at .5 cents a piece, there are plenty of instances, especially in major markets such as CA, NY, FL where this is a bargain. Just because it doesn’t make sense for a couple bands doesn’t mean you can just shame an entire initiative. It’s like saying every 10,000 point hotel sucks. I get nothing out of this, but these bold statements are just comical.

  2. Great piece, thanks! The Hilton Aspire now looks like a great card to put spending on. Getting Niall Horan is a pretty awesome deal.

  3. This promo is not “new”. Snagged some U2 tickets couple months ago, flipped them for $700 cash.
    These lawn seats are junk and not worth the points. For example, many of these lawn seat shows are BOGO or $10 on Groupon. Some are $15 on ticketmaster. Many are near worthless on Stub Hub.

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