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Singapore Airlines has dropped their monthly “Spontaneous Escapes” promotion, bringing discounts of 30% off the number of miles you’d need to redeem, for flights all over the world.

When you’re talking of taking a 95,000 mile transaction down to 66,500 that’s really lucrative. But this isn’t a “one off” opportunity, it’s a monthly thing, and if you want first dibs of getting in on the best availability each month, there’s one simple thing to do today…

the inside of a planeSingapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes

Singapore Airlines is wonderful on many accounts, but for those hoping to fly the airline with points its even more wonderful. That’s because you can transfer credit card points from American Express, Citi, Chase and Capital One into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles with ease.

You care, because it means you can potentially pool all your various credit card points into Singapore Airlines Miles, which makes luxury travel a lot easier than most programs. You also care, because the monthly Spontaneous Escapes currently feature some of the most sought after routes between Singapore and the USA, Europe, South Africa and more, all with 30% off the usual miles.

Here’s a few one way business class highlights, like…

  • San Francisco – Singapore for 66,500 miles and circa $5 in either direction.
  • Barcelona, Dusseldorf or Rome – Singapore for 64,400 miles in either direction.
  • Sydney or Brisbane – Singapore for 43,400 miles in either direction.
  • Johannesburg or Dubai – Singapore for 34,300 miles in either direction

Hot tip: if you plan to take advantage, it can be wise to transfer 1,000 points from each of the credit card programs you use, just to open up the speedy pipeline. Once a transfer has been made, most subsequent moves of points take under 24 hours.

a multicolored building with blue skyThe One Thing You Need To Do

The one thing you need to do today as a Singapore Airlines fan, or someone who wants to fly with them somewhere cool is to bookmark the Spontaneous Escapes page, and check it between the 15-17th of each month for the latest offers. Of course, we’ll write about them anyway, but you can cut out the middle man and just book something great – wink, wink.

Availability is typically offered for the next month – aka it’s February now, so availability at the discount rates is for March, and it goes fast, so it’s good to get in first. For this month, you’ll need to book by February 29th, for travel from March 1st – March 31st. If that’s not when you want to travel, just wait for next month, or remember to set your calendar for the month before when you’d like to travel.

These deals are particularly cool, because they all go to, or from Singapore, and that means you can combine multiple great offers to get something epic. For example, you could book San Francisco to Singapore, then Singapore to Sydney, and so forth.

Extra Tips And Info To Make It Work For You

Know this: when you make an initial search on the SingaporeAir.com website, you won’t see the lower prices automatically. You need to look for dates where “saver” availability is available, and then actually “click” the flight shown at the higher price in miles. When you click it, you’ll see the lower tally in the top right hand corner of the screen. It’s not a perfect system, but hey, it works!

If you search for flights and see the higher rates, just be sure to click the actual price in miles and look for the lower price to change up top, otherwise you’ll be severely disappointed. Here’s a review of Singapore A380 business class, just to draw you in a bit more…

These opportunities make luxury travel so much more accessible, easy and cheap to book than it usually is and there’s so much to love about these monthly promos. They change by the month and business class isn’t always available from some regions, but for those in the know, ready with lots of points to book something ASAP – they just can’t be beat. Happy travels…

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  1. I have lots of Krisflyer miles but whenever I try to book a singapore airlines flight it always only gives me a ‘waitlist’ option

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