If you wanted to dive into silver linings during this challenging time, earning more points than usual from your rewards credit card spending is certainly one of them. Eventually, travel will return, and having extra miles, or cash back will prove quite handy!

Each US based credit card issuers has announced some form of new earning, or burning incentive to bring the points world home full circle, and each time you pull out your card, or contactlessly pay for something, it’s great to get the largest possible return.

Here’s an easy guide to which cards are offering the best opportunities with each spending category and keep in mind that many of these opportunities return back to normal earning rates on June 30th, 2020.

Restaurants, Take Out And Delivery

If you struggle to fry an egg, the struggles of spending every day at home are even greater. Thank goodness there’s take out, restaurant pick up and delivery. These cards are offering the most points per dollar spent right now…

US Supermarkets

A variety of cards have upped their earning at US Supermarkets, since there’s a whole lot of eating at home going on. I know I’ve spent a lot more on groceries than travel lately. A few of the best offers out there include…

Streaming Services

Let’s be honest, you’ve assuredly exhausted all the acceptable options on Netflix, and are probably into the borderline trash. You probably also bought Hulu, Disney+ and a few others to find more time fillers. There are a few cards lightening the load when the bill comes.

Make Use Of These Benefits

If you have any of the above cards, this is the time to organize where each expense goes, so that you’re earning the greatest rebate on each purchase. It’d be so sad to be earning 1X Point on streaming when you could be earning 5X.

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