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It’s a weird world out there right now, and while it is, American Express has released a clear message of support centered around “staying connected, dining at home, working and running a business remotely and supporting small businesses”.

The credit card giant just released a limited time refresh of card benefits designed to bring added value to cards across the portfolio, with statement credit offers and increased earning rates across a variety of cards, for things you’re probably bingeing on from home.

an orange and black televisionLimited Time Statement Credits And Increased Earning

Amex is boosting earning rates and statement credits across a number of cards, including more points on things like grocery spending, takeout and delivery and home essentials. A few key boosted credit card earning rates include…

  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve, Platinum, Gold and Blue Consumer Card Members will now earn 4X miles at U.S. supermarkets (May through July 2020).
  • Marriott Bonvoy and Brilliant Consumer Card Members will now earn 6X Marriott Bonvoy points at U.S. supermarkets on up to $7,500 in eligible purchases (May through July 2020).
  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Consumer Card Members’ eligible purchases at U.S. restaurants, including takeout and delivery, will now qualify toward the $300 Marriott Bonvoy Statement Credit benefit (June through August 2020).
  • Hilton Surpass and Aspire Consumer Card Members will now earn 12X Hilton Honors Bonus Points at U.S. supermarkets (May through July 2020). Bonus Points earned through eligible purchases on all Hilton American Express Cards, that post to the Card Member’s Hilton Honors account between May 1 through December 31, 2020 will be considered Base Points and will count towards Elite tier qualification and Lifetime Diamond Status.
  • Hilton Aspire Consumer Card Members’ eligible purchases at U.S. restaurants, including takeout and delivery, will now qualify toward the $250 Hilton resort credit benefit (June through August 2020).

amex platinum cardsUp To $320 In Fee Credits For Platinum Cardholders

Amex Platinum, both the personal and business versions will offer up to $320 in statement credits toward streaming or US wireless telephone services. The statement credits are capped at $20 on each of the two categories, per month, from May 2020 to December 2020.

With the Platinum Card’s annual fee of $550, $320 in fee credits for streaming  services or mobile phone plans is huge, not counting the at 18 other key benefits and fee credits. They can’t say it, but Amex is practically paying you to watch all the greatest and trashiest shows on Netflix or Hulu right now, like Too Hot To Handle. It’s the best worst thing ever.

For Business Platinum cardholders, there’s more. Amex is doubling the $200 Dell credit, for up to $400 total on Dell Technologies spend. The new credits are broken up into $100 between May and June 30th, and then a separate new $100 additional credit for the second half the year.

If you also happen to own a restaurant, Resy is waiving the fees to join the ResyOS platform and enjoy access once dining returns.

Up To $80 For Amex Green Holders On Wireless Phone Service

Amex Green, which is “literally” garbage, is adding up to $80 in statement credits between now and December 2020 for wireless phone plans. This means up to $10 back per month on your phone plan to help you stay connected in the interim.

With a $150 annual fee, this $80 goes a long way towards justifying the card on an expense virtually everyone will incur. Given the numerous other benefits of the card, including 3x on restaurants, take out and delivery it’s a clever card to keep around.

Where’s The Good News For Gold?

Amex teased recently of a variety of card refreshes coming in the first few weeks of May, and Amex Gold is noticeably absent from the good news today. With any hope, that means exciting benefits are on the way, and they’re just spacing things out to give us all something to read about while we’re bored at home.

It’s great to see Amex creating increased opportunities for cardholders in categories which effect virtually all cardholders. Most people in the world own a mobile phone, far too many binge shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or another leading platform and now it’s cheaper to do so. Good stuff.

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  1. @ Gilbert — The Plat credits are not worth $320. If you are currently charging your wireless bill to a card with cell phone insurance cover, you will lose that. Furthermore, I don’t know what other streaming services cost, but our Netfix is less than $20 per month.

    1. Well, they are. There’s up to $160 in credits on two separate categories, which equals $320 if used in full. I would easily use these in full, based on more than $29 in recurring monthly streaming services and a phone bill where a $20 credit monthly would make a nice dent. Not EVERY Amex Platinum cardholders also has a card that covers cellphone, in fact – most don’t. I get and respect that you’re elite in the credit card game, but 99% of consumers will benefit from these.

      1. @ Gilbert — Sorry, I didn’t mean to “attack” you. You do clearly say “up to”.

  2. Do you know if this applies to Canadian card holders with Marriott and Business Platinum cards as well?

  3. Agree with Gene. Canceled my
    Platinum last week and this does nothing to sway me. My family’s phone is put on a card with cell phone insurance and I get Netflix for free with t mobile. How much streaming stuff does the average person have. This is lipstick on a pig and I disagree on this being huge.

    But like dogs return to vomit everyone will be all over this laping this up only to complain and moan a couple months from now.

    1. I mean, I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Between them, the fee credit will wipe out a healthy 2/3 of my monthly fees. I have separate cover for my phone, so I’d rather have $20 off my bill, than use the card coverage – sure that’s personal choice – but it’s a needle mover for many.

      1. @ Gilbert — Ironically, Sprint gives us Hulu for free. Maybe we can trade that benefit for a bill reduction instead. 🙂

  4. Gilbert I previously downgraded my Aspire to the Surpass and Brilliant to Bold. If I call AX back either to reinstate or upgrade will I get these benefits. My wife currently has an upgrade offer to the brilliant of 100k. Will she get these new benefits or is it for existing CH only? Thanks CM.

    1. Hey CMorgan, I’d think so but always good to call and confirm. Same with your wife’s offer. Take screenshots, confirm along the way and maybe even have an agent confirm, but if it’s an upgrade offer it should be fully fine.

  5. We will most likely upgrade to the Brilliant if the 100k offer is still there. I am hesitant to upgrade to the Aspire as we already have the Surpass and or Gold to use on Grocery spend. The $300 restaurant credit is nice. Would like to use the travel credit to upgrade seats to PE on AS for an upcoming trip but I have seen mixed reviews on people getting the credit. Appears it tends to work if you keep each charge under $100 and call in stating to CSR, that it is a seat assignment fee CR you are requesting, not a seat upgrade fee CR which are usually denied per AX terms.

  6. Where are you seeing the platinum card offers mentioned? I don’t see them under either Offers or Benefits in my account (I have a US Amex Platinum). Are they out yet? Thanks.

  7. Hi Gilbert,

    I love your blogs but I do not see these benefits on my AMEX Platinum offers? I do see the $5 statement credit towards your cell phone bill (tots of 4 credits up to $20)

    I do not see the streaming credits, can you please advise?

    Thank you

  8. Gilbert I contacted AX today and the new benefits do apply to new members and upgrades. I had the CSR reinstate my AX Aspire. I had recently downgraded to the no AF version. I will use the card for Rest spend thru July or until I hit the $300 mark. Also she was nice enough to go back to 2019 and credit three $79 seat selection fees to PE bulkhead row at $79 per shot. I will get my airline misc credit for most of that charge. She said in the future to request a manual credit 14 days after the seat selection fee posts. DONT use the word upgrade. Use seat selection terminology. It won’t work from Econ to F class.

    I will upgrade my wife’s Bonvoy Bold to the Brilliant taking advantage of the 100k points upgrade offer and using that card for grocery spend thru August. A very productive call.

    1. 4x! Platinum keeps your points safe from devaluation, with lots of choices on how to burn them. I value Amex points around 2 cents a piece (just shy) and Marriott points well under a cent a piece, so 2/3 is more than enough to overcome. Cheers!

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