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There’s more to autumn than pumpkin spiced lattes…

The collective world will soon be barraged with Black Friday & Cyber Monday travel deals. With all the excitement of great savings on hotels, airfare and accessories, the only question is where to actually go with all those savings? Some places will enter monsoon season, others will become sub arctic and others just aren’t all that fun this time of year (or ever;) so here’s where to give yourself the best getaway this fall, autumn and winter season.

a path in a park with bushes and treesKyoto, Japan

Go now. Kyoto is simply beautiful in the fall as its famous foliage takes on full form. You can snap iconic photos such as the orange gates of the Fushimi Inari Shrine or the never ending bamboo forest of Arashiyama, all while enjoying some of the finest food in North Asia, including the late, great Steve Jobs favorite sushi spot. Kyoto is an easy bullet train ride away from Tokyo and other mainstream Japanese entry points and there are great hotel and Airbnb options for all budgets. You can’t say you’ve seen Japan until you’ve seen Kyoto, and it’s outrageously beautiful this time of year.

travel 2018 autumnSedona, Arizona

Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco dominate West Coast travel plans, but it’s hard to think of a more beautiful and inspiring place than Sedona, Arizona. Autumn brings awe inspiring sunsets along gorgeous red rock formations and if spas are your thing – you’ll find many of the very best. Sedona is a perfect destination for hiking, exploring and rustic cuisine with a unique sense of place and it’s easy to reach from Phoenix, Flagstaff and Las Vegas. This is a road trip worthy spot with great options for all budgets.

rome travelRome, Italy

What did you think, the sun just stops shining after summer? Rome is a fan favorite all year round, but anyone who wants a special Italian experience should seriously consider an autumn or winter trip over mid summer peak travel craziness. Not only are the streets museums and squares less crowded, but prices drop too. Temperatures average 18°C or 65°F in November and hot package deals with flights from other European cities and two or more nights of hotels start at just $150 per person.

penang malaysia travelPenang, Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best countries for luxury travel on a shoestring budget and November is a perfect time to explore, as the wet season comes to a close. With five star hotels often $100, it’s an incredible place to experience the best things in life for less, but the real allure of Malaysia is all about the food, food and more food. Penang is quickly becoming the hidden gem food capitol of Southeast Asia as a melting pot of cultures, and with nearby proximity to dreamy destinations like Langkawi, it’s the perfect place for a cheap, delicious and cheerful trip.

a pool with palm trees and a beachMuscat, Oman

If you’re looking for postcard beaches, wavy palm trees, warm hospitality and rugged scenery via the Hajar Mountains, Oman is your spot. Less commercialized than Dubai and with a flare for five star service, Oman is the place that’s trending more than any other Middle Eastern destination at the moment. You’ll find luxury hotels, wellness retreats and outdoor adventure on full display, with easy direct flights via Oman Air and many mainstream European airlines. It’s easier than ever to get there. And yes, temperatures are in the 25°C and 80°F range, which is just about perfect, isn’t it?

vancouverVancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a place where you can have it all. The city is famous for boutique shopping, high end sea to table food, outdoor adventure, professional sports, world class Chinese cuisine and progressive lifestyle – and everything in between. World famous Whistler is just a short trip away and is easily one of the best ski and snowboard destinations on the planet. Contrary to popular belief, Vancouver is more temperate than many Northwest destinations, making it a lot more pleasant at this time of year than some outdoor adventure areas. That’s especially true if not *everyone* on the trip is into the outdoors! Indoors our outdoors, this is a must see city.

47030252 - view of melbourne skyline at dusk australiaMelbourne, Australia

Often overlooked or passed over in favor of buzzing Sydney, Melbourne is not to be missed. The city offers the same trendy beaches you’d hope to find in Sydney, but for any foodies out there looking to fall in love with a new destination – this is definitely the one. Melbourne is home to more gastro brilliance than just about any other destination, with a serious flare for hipster coffee, speakeasy bars and fine dining. Areas like St. Kilda offer the best of Brooklyn boutique shopping and nearby wine regions make for perfect countryside trips. And yes, you should totally 100% go to Sydney too. When it’s fall and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s full on summer down South, so get your sunscreen out and get ready for some summer fun, even in “winter”.

charlestonCharleston, South Carolina

Winter sun, tons of fun. If 21°C or 70°F and sunny sounds nice to you, just wait until you see Charleston. The port city is experiencing a true renaissance and will instantly turns winter blues into swoon worthy views. Sure, it’s perfect for strolling the beautiful piers at sunset and posing in front of brightly colored artistic houses, but there’s also a whole lot more going on. Many of the world’s best golf courses, family resorts and boutique hotels now call Charleston home, and the best up and coming chefs and mixologists are setting up shop. If sitting in glorious sun with a mason jar full of booze and heavenly fried food on the side sounds perfect to you, it’s time to book some travel. It may be winter elsewhere, but it’s perfection in Charleston.

Where are you going?

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  1. That’s a great list, thanks. I went to Charleston last January and the weather was great and so were the prices. That city is full of luxury hotels that are expensive almost year around with January being an exception.

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