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Great, Thailand is open, but I’m not paying for 14 days in a hotel room to kick things off. That’s been the general sentiment for most travelers eager to rediscover this jewel of Southeast Asia, and those sentiments have now been answered, or will be soon.

Thailand is reducing quarantine period for all visitors, and reducing things even further for those who’ve been vaccinated and can prove it. It’s the good news many have been waiting for, but it doesn’t go quite as far as some other nations, at least for now. Here’s what to expect as Thailand opens to wider tourism.

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Thailand Reducing Quarantine For Travelers

If you haven’t been vaccinated, you’ll still need to spend 10 days in a managed hotel quarantine when entering Thailand from next month, but even that will improve. If you have been vaccinated, a 7 day quarantine will apply. This all kicks in from April, 2021.

Perhaps most importantly, efforts and appeals are being made to allow travelers to test out of their room quarantines after day 3, so that they may at least enjoy resort facilities at hotels which fall into key tourism zones, such as Phuket or Krabi. This would allow travelers to enjoy amenities such as pools and al fresco restaurants.

Basically, it’s likely you’ll be able to start actually enjoying your time in Thailand on some level from Day 3, under leaked plans for future reductions in travel restrictions. For now, the reduction in quarantine period is the only confirmed change.

What Counts As Vaccinated For Travel To Thailand?

To count as a ‘vaccinated traveler’, visitors must have received both shots and also be able to provide a negative covid-19 test within 3 days of departure for Thailand. A date restriction specifying vaccination within the last 3 months is also required, which could catch out some potential visitors.

Unfortunately, visitors from Africa are not eligible to take advantage of the reduced quarantine periods, vaccinated or not.

Perhaps the best news comes in the form of long term travel planning. According to Reuters, Thai Health Ministers indicate that as vaccinations in the country ramp up, and key metrics are hit, removal of all travel restrictions by October is likely. For many travelers, this will be a key date to aim for, with fewer hoops.

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Thailand Aiming For Autumn Travel

Thailand’s near term plans to reduce restrictions for vaccinated travelers don’t go nearly as far as other countries which have removed all quarantine measures entirely for vaccinated travelers, but indicating a complete removal of restrictions by October creates great promise for a revival of tourism in 2021.

Tourism accounts for circa 20% of Thailand’s GDP, while supplying millions of jobs, with many feeling the strain. November to April is often seen as the best time of year to visit Thailand, depending on which side of the Andaman you plan to venture off to, and that means end of year trips could be a green light.

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  1. I am not sure it is a good idea to allow travelers with three months restrictions of vaccination prior a trip, always take longer to plan a trip, I was vaccinated on January so I have until April to travel
    Sounds no good

  2. They haven’t finalized it yet. It’s still all up in the air and can change again at any moment. Plan a trip to Spain instead:)

  3. I see they are still throwing everything on the wall and see what sticks. IMO, that 3 months validity after full vaccination AND still needing quarantine is again a stretch too far. Stay tuned for episode 1001 😀

    1. Yeah I fully expect more reasonable terms to come for travel as the year progresses, but for now maybe erring on the side of extra caution.

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