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It’s probably time to give in, and get back to Thailand. Travel is back, demand is off the charts, and after years of going nowhere, people want to go “somewhere, anywhere.”

Unfortunately for Thailand, despite being a stunning destination with incredible value for money in a world lacking value hardly anywhere else, people haven’t flocked back as expected.

It may come as a surprise to bureaucratic officials in the Thai Government but that’s easy to explain. Thailand has held onto far more hurdles than their regional neighbors, making visiting too complicated. Finally, that’s almost entirely changed.

Out of the blue, Thailand is dropping the three remaining frustrating hurdles to visit, and from July 1st, the experience should be fabulous once again.

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Thailand To Drop Pass, Outdoor Masks & Health Insurance

In time for peak season, Thailand is ending the ‘Thailand Pass’ for visitors, for trips starting July 1st, 2022. The pass has improved a lot recently, but it’s remained a hurdle. From July 1st, the country will no longer require visitors to obtain the pass, or proof of health coverage for their trip.

Book a ticket and go, pretty much!

Even with a relatively low $10,000 coverage requirement, the hassle of obtaining or confirming coverage for entry was a major hurdle for many. Add in the need to secure a Thailand Pass, and most people looked elsewhere. That’s ending.

Thailand is also putting an end to a frustrating part of the visitor experience for those who do make the trip. Outdoor mask requirements in Thailand will also be dropped from July 1st, 2022. Virtually all regions of Thailand will also become “green” allowing stress free movement.

Wearing face coverings outdoors is never fun, and when it’s as hot and humid as it often is in this Southeast Asian gem, it’s even less fun. Face covering requirements may linger for indoor use. Be sure to check the latest entry requirements for Thailand.

Great Changes For Thailand

Thailand is now in line with other regional neighbors, making travel almost as easy as the times before 2020. You book an airline ticket, you spend 200 hours looking for the right hotel, and you get excited and you go.

From July 1st, you won’t need much else. Many airlines have launched seat sales to Thailand and points availability remains strong. With travel prices truly off the charts in Europe and the US, it’s a great value destination for 2022 and 2023. Off you go, right?

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  1. Of course you failed to mention NO VAX CERT NEEDED to enter Thailand eff Jul 1. Bangkok Post reports that random antigen tests will be administered to those who refuse the potentially dangerous vax and don’t want to continue to fund the testing industry.

    1. It hasn’t been required for months. But I think they are dropping quarantine requirements for those who aren’t vaxxed. That’s good.

  2. @James you are so angry. I’d be more afraid of potentially dangerous anti-vax nut jobs than a science based and proven vaccine.

    1. What you just said makes zero sense. If the vaccine is scientifically proven and you have gotten it, then you should be safe. No need for you to worry about anyone else, just worry about yourself.

  3. how has it been proven? its been out only two years, and tested under a year.. keep being a good little sheep

  4. after 1 july whats visa on arrival requirement for thailand??

    passport validity 1 months or 6 months??

    earlier it was 1 month in visa on arrival now whats after 1 july ??

  5. Having to do a pass with insurance and Covid status is no big many complained about it. You still have to show proof of vaccination, an negative test if unvaccinated and I doubt IF many would travel without insurance🤔

    1. Medical Insurance is not a big deal!! AXA and the rest of them made it impossible for anybody over the age of 74 years. I have been trying to get insurance for the past two years. Hallelujah, all that nonsense has gone.

  6. Follow the science, follow the science … Is this the same science that reports we’re all gonna die in 11 years from global warming?

  7. Great news. Booked for next February, can’t wait. Hoping for a Qatar ex eu J sale tho in the meantime to hkt, dps or kul..

  8. I was just in Thailand for two weeks (Koh Samui and Bangkok) and it was great! I had no idea there was an outdoor mask requirement. I never wore one nor did any other tourist that I encountered. Sidebar: I highly recommend the Kimpton in Bangkok!

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