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By all accounts, Sydney is one of the world’s most addictive cities. Water ferries replace boring underground systems and just about everywhere you turn, stunning harbour surrounds you.

Throw in the Aussie love for snobby coffee, exceptional food and a cheeky after work drink and it’s always hard to leave. An Aperol Spritz in the Sydney sun is just too much fun – and understandably, many revellers never want the party to end..

But 2014 changed that.

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In 2014, senseless alcohol fuelled violence claimed a young life, prompting the New South Wales government to pass legislation imposing strict late night curfews. The new “lockout” laws required a 1:30AM “close” for nightlife venues, and a 3AM last call for any patrons who found themselves still “locked” inside.

Statistics showed that alcohol related incidents decreased marginally in recent years, but so too did popular nightlife options. In a thriving international city, it just didn’t quite fit. Many of the most noted bars in the city’s central business district (CBD) were forced to close, and according to the Straits Times, those which stayed open faced 25% drops in revenue.

A unanimous “yes” vote has passed.

fireworks over a city

A return to 24 hour life was proposed to residents, and the public vote said everything. City residents wanted their 24 hour nightlife back, and like very few things in any government around the world, the new laws were swept through and unanimously passed.

“More than 10,000 people told us they want Sydney to have a diverse and exciting night-time economy with events and activities for people of all ages and interests,”

Clover Moore – Sydney Lord Mayor

Your favourite Sydney bar may soon be open late again.

Effective immediately, Sydney businesses will be able to apply for 24 hour trading permits in the CBD and those in outer districts will enjoy new options for extended trading hours. This includes up and coming neighbourhoods which were stifled by strict laws. Basically, if you needed an extra excuse to visit Sydney, perhaps for the city’s world class New Years Eve festivities, the party now officially doesn’t have to stop. Cheers to that.

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