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As we discussed previously, Bilt Rewards like to “surprise and delight” every month on Rent day. This month Bilt Rewards is offering a no-strings-attached opportunity to receive United MileagePlus® Premier® status through a challenge. This means that just by being a Bilt Rewards member, you can get a Star Alliance Status Match for a few months with the opportunity to extend the status.

Complimentary United MileagePlus® Premier® Silver or Gold status

To receive your complimentary Star Alliance (United MileagePlus) status, you must be a Bilt Rewards Member, which is possible by signing up for a free Bilt Rewards Account. This should not be confused with signing up for the credit card, which is a separate optional process that allows you to earn more Bilt Rewards points on purchases and (free) monthly rent payments.

Star Alliance Status Match
How To Get United MileagePlus® Premier® Silver or Gold status

Star Alliance Status Match

For those deeply involved in the Bilt Rewards eco-system, those with Bilt Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tier (based on yearly points earned) will be eligible for Gold Status. Everyone else, including Bilt Blue Tier Members, are eligible for United Premier Silver Status.

This perk (status match) is a bit juicer for those who have earned many Bilt Tier Points, which is accomplished by getting The Bilt Mastercard, mind you, a card with no annual fee and no fee for earning points on your monthly rent payment.

Star Alliance Status
Unlock Star Alliance Status with Bilt Rewards

Star Alliance Silver – United Premier® Silver

There is still quite a bit of value in United Premier® Silver which still includes Premier Access and (rare but possible) complimentary upgrades, a complimentary checked bag up to 70 lbs, and preferred seating for yourself and a companion when seats are available at booking. Complimentary Economy Plus seating for yourself and a companion is possible when seats are available at check-in.

Things get a bit more interesting with Gold Status, which includes Star Alliance Gold status, two checked bags, and better access to Economy Plus seating.

Must Unlock Status By November 1st

This offer is only valid through November 1st, and you unlock the complimentary status for 120 days just by being a Bilt Member. You can extend your Premier status through January 2024 by completing the requirements during your Challenge Period.

Bilt Rewards Rent Day

This is probably a good time to remind everyone about Bilt Rewards Rent Day. This is not a one-time thing; this is a bonus every month on the 1st. Even if it is not your rent day, it’s the new Bilt Rent (bonus) Day.

Bilt Rewards Rent Day - Bilt Card Huge Points Earning Opportunity
Rent day = more points! Earn Double Points Every Month On The 1st

On the first of every month, you will get double points, as noted in the app. Of course, Bilt reminds you that this is in addition to getting 1x points (with no fee) on your rent payments.

The current bonus categories for Bilt Rent Day are:

  • 6x points on dining
  • 4x points on travel
  • 2x points on spend (excluding rent)

There is a limit of 10,000 bonus points each Rent Day, but the simplicity of the bonus with a repeat each month makes it super easy to participate. This is truly a “surprise and delight” that you can expect every month, and who knows, perhaps Bilt will include some additional surprises on a month-to-month basis.

There are a bunch of other rent day perks, and you can find more information about them on the APP or the Bilt Rewards website under the “Rent Day” section.

Pay Rent Seamlessly – Get Points

Use Bilt to earn points on rent with the no-annual-fee Bilt Mastercard®. Earn 1x on Rent (up to 50,000 points annually), 2x on travel, 3x on dining, and 1x on all other spend with the card.

But the cool thing is that even if your building is not a Bilt Alliance Property, you can pay any landlord that uses an online payment portal. Bilt will give you a unique routing and account number, which you can use in the landlord portal to “instantly” pay your rent.

Bilt Rewards Pay Rent Earn Points
Bilt Rewards – Pay Rent, Earn Points – Seamlessly via ACH and your landlord portal!

For those hesitant to have Bilt mail a check (another option for non-Bilt Alliance Properties), this solves that problem. I have tested it, and the payment is processed just as your building would process any other ACH (Automated Clearing House) network payment. In addition, if your landlord gives perks for using their portal (mine does), you will also be able to get those same perks.

Now there is absolutely no reason NOT to pay your rent with Bilt, though you reap the full benefit (points) by getting the Bilt Mastercard. In addition, as we saw with this recent promotion, earning Bilt Tier Points opened up a higher status for the United Status Match Promotion.

Bilt Rewards Points Earning Structure
Bilt Rewards Points Earning Structure – Find Out More About The Bilt Mastercard

Bilt Has A Very Strong Value Prop

With numerous transfer partners, a great app, and unique surprise and delight perks such as “Rent Day,” plus a baseline earning of 2x points for travel and 3x points for dining, it is hard to find much fault with the Bilt Mastercard. Perhaps, the lack of a sign-up bonus (SUB) is disappointing. But Bilt has recently introduced a new referral program where you earn 2,500 Bilt Points for every new card member you refer and a 10,000 point bonus for every five members.

Bilt – Uncapped referral Bonus

The best part? This referral bonus is virtually “uncapped,” where you can earn up to 2,025,000 points. Yeah, I agree; a SUB would be nice, but having no annual fee and the ability to earn (free) points while paying rent is also pretty awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the info, just signed up for Bilt and installed the app (and linked my UA Mileage Plus number for the status challenge). Have travels coming up in January/February, including a segment on United, so free Silver status should come in handy. =)

    1. Unfortunately, per the terms and conditions:
      “Enrollment only open to US and US territory residents right now.”

      – an excellent question, though. I do think that Bilt Rewards would be a compelling “global currency” much in the way that AMEX Membership Rewards are. Unfortunately, most of this is tied to credit card markets and restrictions for residency for credit card products.

    1. Unfortunately, the 1x points for rent is not applicable for mortgage payments. But, the 2x and 3x bonus categories for travel and dining are still applicable. Remember, this card has no annual fee and awesome transfer partners like American Airlines and Hyatt.

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