Bilt Rewards Rent Day - Bilt Card Huge Points Earning Opportunity

A lot of the travel loyalty world can be a real snooze fest, but Bilt is trying to shake things up on their app and with their Bilt Rewards Program. This is a bit different than the things we have come to expect, like more transfer partners. This new offer is fun, consistent, and easily understandable in the mobile app. It was also a super-cool new feature to “wake up to” this morning.

Bilt Rewards Rent Day - Bilt Card Huge Points Earning Opportunity

A New Kind Of Rent Day – Bilt Rewards Rent Day

Bilt Rewards has launched a new tab in their app: Rent Day. This is not a one-time thing; this is a bonus every month on the 1st of the month. Even if it is not your rent day, it’s the new Bilt Rent (bonus) Day.

Bilt Rewards Rent Day - Bilt Card Huge Points Earning Opportunity
Bilt Rewards Rent Day

Double Bilt Points

On the first of every month, you will get double points, as noted in the app. Of course, Bilt reminds you that this is in addition to getting 1x points (with no fee) on your rent payments.

The current bonus categories for Bilt Rent Day are:

  • 6x points on dining
  • 4x points on travel
  • 2x points on spend (excluding rent)

There is a limit of 10,000 bonus points each Rent Day, but the simplicity of the bonus with a repeat each month makes it super easy to participate. This is truly a “surprise and delight” that you can expect every month, and who knows, perhaps Bilt will include some additional surprises on a month-to-month basis.

So much opportunity for Bilt Rewards to own this dynamic yet consistent category of providing bonuses people want, can easily use, and can count on happening at a consistent interval (in this case, every 1st of the month). Do we perhaps see a future (surprise and delight) bonus of 18x for purchases from our favorite caviar or wine merchants?

Also, don’t lose sight of that “big purchase” that only earns 1x points on all of your travel loyalty credit cards. You can now plan that purchase for the 1st of the month and earn 2x points. It is also worth remembering that these Bilt Points can be transferred to numerous loyalty partners like Hyatt and American Airlines.

Not only is all of this super creative and fun, but Bilt is trying to enhance your monthly experience with The Bilt Mastercard, mind you, a card with no annual fee and no fee for earning points on your monthly rent payment.

Bilt Rewards Rent Day - Point Quest - Rent Giveaway Challenge
Bilt Rewards – Point Quest and Rent Giveaway Challenge

Bilt Rewards – More Fun – More Gamification

For those who enjoy puzzles and challenges, Bilt is also offering a Point Quest trivia challenge and Rent Giveaway Challenge in the app. While not a “sure thing” like the double points bonus, definitely a cool feature if you have the desire and enjoy challenges and contests.

Bilt further proves how they truly want to “change” the way people view travel loyalty cards and for sure promises to deliver on that concept. Another great reason to consider The Bilt Mastercard, especially if you pay monthly rent.

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