If you’re an Amex Platinum cardmember, or a frequent hotel guest – we’ve got great news. You can turn either of these gems into a fabulous frequent flyer status, offering lounge access on all flights, priority boarding, fee waivers and upgrades – for an entire year. We’re talking about Star Alliance Gold status with one of the alliance’s best airlines, thanks to a great tip from AusBT.

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Amex Platinum cardmembers in most countries and guests with elite hotel status can take advantage of an incredible fast track to top tier benefits with Singapore Airlines, and all it’s Star Alliance partners every time they fly. Air Canada, ANA, United, Swiss and Thai are just a few Star Alliance members. If you don’t have Amex Platinum or elite hotel status, you can earn the status following these tips.

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Shangri La Golden Circle Jade status offers a fast track to Singapore and Star Alliance Gold status. If you currently have an Amex Platinum card issued in most countries, or elite hotel guest status with Shangri La or another chain – you can enjoy a status offer to Shangri La Golden Circle Jade elite guest status.

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Do this now. Amex Platinum cardmembers need to call the number on the back of your card, or login online for complimentary Golden Circle Jade membership. If you’re an elite hotel guest with another hotel chain, email golden.circle@shangri-la.com to politely request a match to their Golden Circle Jade Tier, by sending a copy of your elite status card. If you have Shangri La Status, you’re good to go.

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Shangri La and Singapore Airlines have a lucrative benefits share partnership, which we’ve covered previously. Once a Jade member with Shangri La, guests can enroll for a Singapore Airlines fast track – requiring just three paid flights on Singapore or SilkAir – anywhere. That’s just three flight segments for gold status!

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Both statuses are fantastic. But Star Alliance Gold status is incredibly valuable. Singapore Airlines offers additional benefits to it’s Gold members, making this a superb deal. It’s not hard to extract more than $2000 in benefits and fee waivers in a year with this status, thanks to extra checked bags, fast tracks, lounge access, priority boarding, upgrades and so much more. Enjoy it.

Are you taking advantage of this offer?

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  1. Would it be possible to book via Singapore’s site yet fly within the US on partner airlines to complete the challenge?

  2. SPG Gold status doesn’t work for a match, language below makes me think they won’t match anybody. Anybody had any luck with any other hotel loyalty, or US AMEX Plat?

    “…Greetings from Golden Circle Member Services.
    Thank you for your email regarding tier matching with Golden Circle membership.

    First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your interest towards Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

    We appreciate the fact that you are a member of Starwood Preferred Guest Gold membership. However, we are sorry to inform you that Golden Circle does not have tier-matching offer with other loyalty programmes.

    Nevertheless, we would like to advise that we are currently having a partnership with Krisflyer. Krisflyer Elite Gold or PPS Club members will be able to enjoy complimentary upgrade to our Jade membership for one year upon registering from our Infinite Journeys promotion and achieving a Qualifying Stay.

    Further to this, we are also offering tier matching with Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces via our Warmer Welcomes partnership.

    We would suggest that you may take advantage of the said promotions should you meet the relevant requirements. Please do click on the links provided above for more information.

    1. I got the same exact email response. It is a boiler plate response.

      In this article it said: ” If you’re an elite hotel guest with another hotel chain, email golden.circle@shangri-la.com to politely request a match to their Golden Circle Jade Tier, by sending a copy of your elite status card. If you have Shangri La Status, you’re good to go.”
      This is hog wash. It is not true at all. GC DOES NOT match other hotel loyalty programs other than the Taj.
      I’m disappointed the GSTP points unverified nonsense like this. From reading multiple article, GSTP seem to just be interested to getting as many readers as possible without paying much attention to the stuff being posted.

      1. Look – you win some – you lose some. Shangri La does match, but on a case by case basis. Maybe after the 10,000th identical email was sent, you lost. Platinum card route works just fine in most of the world and for some, so does Shangri La. Don’t insult the site just because you didn’t get what you wanted – once.

  3. Yeah as they said above, they refused to match any status other than Singapore gold. I know a guy who fakes stuff like this through PS, so I’m gonna try that… pretty low risk so why not

  4. I do a fair amount of runs from FRA-LHR, typically using Y class. The Miles and More program by LH doesn’t really reward me, but the Star Alliance Gold status discussed here could be useful; do the segments have to be completed on Singapore Airlines, or can I use a Star Alliance partner?

  5. Is this still valid in October 2019?

    I did as suggested and linked my Jade Shangri La membership which achieved Silver status with Kris Flyer then flew to Australia in October taking in 4 segments London – Singapore ; Singapore – Perth; Brisbane Singapore and Singapore- London but the upgrade to gold isn’t happening and the extremely helpful Kris flyer customer services don’t seem to be aware?

    is there something official I can quote?

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