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Singapore has been clear and concise about covid-19 travel moves for months. Now, as tipped, the city state is also beginning to open up.

Travelers from the US, UK, Canada and 6 other countries will soon be able to enter the country without any quarantine period, enjoying travel to this spectacular country and destination almost as it was before.

With an October 19th reopening date, it won’t be long before you can join the fun, so here’s everything you need to know before you book a trip. For a start, you’ll still need some covid-19 tests, and if you’re from a country with paper vaccination certificates, a couple additional measures will be needed.

Singapore’s Huge Travel Reopening Moves

Singapore stunned the world when it announced a trial reopening of restriction free travel, for fully vaccinated visitors from Germany and Brunei last month.

Well, anyone who didn’t read the op-ed in the Straits Times from Singaporean leaders, months ago, stating the country was making the pandemic an endemic, and was ready to begin reopening, was stunned.

a group of trees with lights at night

Now, the beloved city-state is back again, opening up ‘quarantine free’ travel to visitors from the West. Despite rapid reopening plans in much of the world, Asia has largely remained elusive, outside of Thailand, and now Singapore.

Starting October 19th, Singapore will welcome fully vaccinated travel visitors from: Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, USA and UK. Korea will follow on November 15th, and others including Japan are likely to be included from this date.

These 9 new countries mark the most significant travel reopening to date, for all fully-vaccinated visitors. Anyone fully-vaccinated with any of the vaccines offered in these countries is eligible to visit.

The only “asterisk” is that anyone holding a paper covid-19 vaccination certificate, which certainly applies to US visitors, would need to have their certificate converted to a Smart Health or CommonTrust version. These private entities are transforming the way vaccine cards work, which is helping to build trust with validity.

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What You Need To Visit Singapore

It’s elating news, right? Steps to visit are fairly simple and clear, provided you don’t mind a form, two covid-19 PCR tests and sticking to specific flights, for now. All VTL (vaccinated travel lane) visitors…

  • take a PCR test within 48 hours of departure
  • fill out a VTL form before departure to Singapore
  • provide proof of full vaccination in a digital format

Additionally, according to Paddle Your Own Kanoo, a daily visitor cap of 3,000 people from across these 11 countries (the 9 new ones, plus Germany and Brunei) will apply, which means only certain flights will be bookable.

Details still remain to be ironed out about vaccination or testing exemptions for young children, which may still be ineligible to receive a vaccine in their home country.

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  1. Hi Gilbert, have you done an article on Curve + Creation IHG since all the changes? You were heavily promoting Curve, would you still do so now?

  2. As of now, only SIA has visibility for VTL flights. I’m expecting VTL flights information for other airlines soon.

      1. Certainly can’t argue with that!
        I have quite a substantial equity in SIA, so regardless, I looking forward to those investment doing well on Monday 😉

  3. My son who has a work permit and lived in Singapore for the last 8 years advises as follows this morning.
    The travel is only for Singaporian’s and permanent residents. Others will need a visa and quarantine for 10 days at their own cost. The VTL’s have been stated as BA and Singapore Airlines. Yes certain routes to restrict numbers but mainly the direct flights. Still need CPR’s before flight to Singapore, at the airport and quarantine till clear, then CPR tests days 3 and 7. Location forms etc. At present you can only meet in groups of 2 so he cannot go out with his wife and child together.

    1. Your post re-VTL is rather incorrect. There’s already VTL with Germany and Brunei for a while. You can refer to Singapore MOH website for accurate info.

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