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Try going back to economy, we dare you…

Earlier this year, we embarked on a Singapore Suites Journey from Singapore to London eclipsing 14 hours in the air. The entire experience, simply put, is ridiculous. We mean that in the kindest way possible. From a choice of Dom Perignon or exquisite Krug to beds in the sky long enough to sleep NBA players, Singapore Suites is one of the ultimate bucket list ways to travel, and one that is surprisingly accessible using points.

a large white airplane in the skySingapore’s KrisFlyer loyalty program is a transfer partner of American Express, Chase, Citi, Capital One and Marriott Rewards, meaning there are lots of ways you can instantly rack up large amounts of KrisFlyer miles. Basically: you really don’t need to be absurdly wealthy to enjoy this experience. You just need to be savvy with points. For this flight, we used 115,000 miles each, and thanks to Singapore Air not adding surcharges to their own flights, it was only about $25 in cash.

Without further adieu…

With everything basically summed up in 1 minute, you can spend the 19 minutes you’d still be watching another YouTuber eat lunch and talk about each mouthful to investigate how to find and book Singapore first class for yourself. Here’s a helpful guide! This is just a friendly reminder of why collecting points is essential, and you don’t have to be a frequent traveler to do so.

a bed with white sheets and pillows in an airplaneI earned more than 20,000 of those miles just by referring my friends to RocketMiles.com, where you earn airline miles for hotel bookings. Every friend that made a booking using Rocket Miles got me 1,000 Singapore Miles, so when I added those up with my credit card points, it wasn’t all that crazy in the end. Points really can add up to dream trips if you get crafty. Be sure to earn them for doing literally everything. Your morning coffee should be earning you points.

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