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For some people, airline miles are just so much better. There’s nothing wrong with hotel points, some people even love em’ – but if you need flights, it’s airline points that make the dream work. There are actually quite a few ways to earn airline miles from your hotel bookings, so we thought it was time to lay out the best options. Here are the sites that will get you frequent flyer miles when you book hotels.

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Every travel company is competing for your booking. Earning airline miles is great, but be sure to compare the rates you’re paying on these great sites below, with rates for just booking hotels directly. You’ll earn a lot less miles per night, but you can still earn airline miles by booking directly with the hotels. You should also compare rates and bonus miles for booking flight and hotel packages through your preferred airline. The sites below may win, but it’s best to check.

Rocket Miles

RocketMiles offers at least 1,000 airline miles per night on all hotel bookings, but some booking can earn 10,000 per night or more! If you sign up using this link, you’ll get an extra 1,000 miles to get started, meaning at least 2,000 points on your first booking. RocketMiles was amongst the first to offer airline miles on hotel bookings – and definitely one of the best.

Agoda Points Max

Agoda offers their standard hotel booking site, which we’ve rated as one of the best. But they also offer PointsMax, which allows you to earn frequent flyer miles from your reservation. Rates will change slightly, but they often have top notch rates, so it can be worth paying a bit extra if there are lots of miles on the table. Check out PointsMax here.

a large white airplane flying in the skyPoints Hound

Same game, different name. PointsHound is yet another option. The site doesn’t offer as many airline programs with which you can earn, but for some programs they offer amongst the best rates. We regularly find that they offer great rates for AsiaMiles, such as 16,000 points for a two night stay in London. They’ll give you 500 bonus points if you sign up with this link.


Kaligo offers amongst the most airline programs to choose from, on par with RocketMiles. Put it this way, they have almost all of them. There are over 550,000 hotels around the world where you can earn points. Kaligo has partnered with American Express to provide additional discounts and earning, so if you’re an Amex person, be sure to check out what’s on offer. They’ve also got 1,000 bonus miles on top of your first booking, if you join here.

What site is your favorite?


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  1. Thank you for your post. Do we still get the Amex 5 points when we book on Rocketmiles for example?


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