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Last week, Singapore Airlines unveiled what is without a doubt, the best cabin on a commercial aircraft. The full on suites feature a bed and separate swivel chair, with the ability to convert two neighboring suites into one large bedroom of sorts. The suite is nothing short of incredible. Think: private door, 32” television, vintage Krug champagne (or Dom Perignon), full sized bed, chair and more. Since paid rates are unlikely to drop below $5,000, here’s how to use points for the Singapore Suites experience…

a bed with white sheets and pillows in an airplanePoints You Can Use For Singapore Suites

Before you get too excited- the bad news here is that you’ll need to use a lot of points. The good news, however, is that there are tons of different points you can use. The only way to book Suites on Singapore Airlines is using Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles, BUT you can instantly create the Singapore KrisFlyer miles using American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards or Citi ThankYou Points. So yeah, three different credit card points can be combined into one type of airline miles to get it done. If you want to save on points, you can also fly the Suite by buying business class and upgrading using points, which will require less points.

Where You Can Go

The initial launch route, debuting in December is between Singapore and Sydney on flight numbers 221 and 232 respectively. Singapore is eagerly rolling out these new cabins, and five planes are expected to be fitted with the absolutely stunning suites in the imminent future. Reliable sources have pointed to London to Singapore flights number 322 and 305, and vice versa being the next major Suites route, starting as early as March 2018. If you don’t have plans to be in these places, it can always be worth booking other flights to get to Europe or Asia, creating a 2 in 1 trip.

a bed and chair in a planeSaver, Standard, Flexible…

You’re going to pay a lot of points for the privilege of the world’s greatest commercial aircraft cabin, but points are a lot easier to part ways with than cash. For now- Singapore Airlines is blocking “saver” level seats for it’s initial Sydney launch route. Singapore offers three potential prices in points for any flight: saver, standard and flexible. Many dates are currently available at the Standard level. A one way Suites ticket from the launch route of Singapore to Sydney will run 150,00 points for an 8 hour flight- which equates to about 18,750 points per hour. Not bad, considering Delta charges about the same per hour, for economy.

How To Find The Suites Seats

A crucial first step in all of this is having a Singapore KrisFlyer account. It’s free, by the way. Once you’ve created a free account, you can search for flights using points on the SingaporeAir.com website. Simply click “redeem flights” when searching and look for “standard” level space. Ideally, “saver” level space will exist in the near future. Whatever you pay, it’ll be worth it. This is an experience you will not soon forget…

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