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There aren’t many joys to having covid, but in travel there are some silver linings.

Many countries now accept proof of recovery from covid-19 as an approved condition for entry. In some cases, it even gets you out of needing to take tests to travel.

After a series of changes to its vaccinated traveler lane (VTL), Singapore is easing things up again, and this time, it’s good news for people who’ve recently recovered from the virus.

Basically, Singapore is making it much easier to visit, if you have — and you likely won’t need any covid-19 tests before the trip, or during.

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Singapore Makes Changes To Vaccinated Traveler Lane

Back in October 2021, Singapore created a vaccinated traveler lane (VTL) as part of its pandemic response, in an effort to balance reopening needs with public safety as the covid-19 pandemic becomes endemic.

The special lane for fully vaccinated visitors allowed largely quarantine free travel to the ever enjoyable city state from a variety of countries, as long as visitors didn’t mind taking quite a few covid-19 tests along the way.

As Omicron spread, Singapore made a series of changes which significantly clamped down on the vaccinated traveler lane, but as things begin to stabilize, a new wave of changes toward easing are being introduced.

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No Testing For Vaxxed And Recovered!

The greatest change is that a fully vaccinated and recovered traveler may be totally exempt from testing at all. This makes Singapore an incredible attractive destination if you’re in this camp, since risk of false positives would disappear.

The pre-departure paperwork remains much the same, but being able to travel to Asia without a slew of tests is a rare pleasure these days. That’s at least one silver lining to being infected with covid-19 and recovered within 90 days of arrival into Singapore!

Vaccinated visitors who have not recovered from covid-19 are still required to test before their departure, and for up to 5 days after arrival.

Singapore has updated its entry protocols for everyone else eligible to enter as a VTL traveler, here. It’s worth keeping in mind that Singapore requires masks both indoors and out, so it’s not quite the care free experience many leisure travelers would prefer.

The vaccinated travel lane (VTL) is open for fully vaccinated visitors from: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Maldives, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States

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  1. Heading there in 2 weeks , was so glad to see this. It wasn’t clear to me if you only miss the pre departure and arrival PCR or if you also miss the daily LFTs required as well? I read it that it’s only the PCRs you miss ?

  2. i have read some horror stories of travellers to singapore who were suddenly put into a state qurantine facility for 10+ days because SOMEONE on their flight or in a group tested positive. Even Anyone have any such experiences?

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