Victoria Peak skyline at night

Goodbye selfie sticks, hello savings…

Like Christ The Redeemer in Rio or Top Of The Rock in New York City, there are some sights worth seeing at least once, no matter how touristy they are. Hong Kong’s “The Peak” is without question one of the most spectacular city views on the entire planet, inspiring awe from sunrise through sundown. When it comes to getting up top and dealing with the crowds however, things aren’t quite as inspiring, and frankly – they can downright suck. Thanks to your love of travel, you’re about to learn a hot insider tip to beat the lines, and save yourself at least $5 per person.

a city with water in the backgroundGetting Up The Peak

There are quite a few ways to get up to The Peak. The most popular by far is taking the iconic tram, which costs $52HKD per person. Do note: if you are trying to go just before sunset, or just after, queues can be insane. The only real way around this is being in a large group, or paying $350HD for a Madam Tussauds fast track ticket. Not worth it, depending on how little $350HKD means to you. And note, there’s no fast track on the way down. Other options include hiking, mini bus, bus, and perhaps most effective but the least novel, Uber. An Uber ride from most areas in Central to The Peak run between $50-75HKD, which actually makes it a lot cheaper than taking the tram if you’re going with two people. If you can avoid a long queue, the novelty of the tram is worth it.

The Peak Rip Off

At the end of the day $52HKD isn’t crazy money, but with queues taking over an hour at peak, The Peak times (like that one?) you’d think that takes care of everything, and you’d be wrong. The $52HKD simply gets you up to the glossy mall complex known as The Peak, and not in fact onto “Sky Terrace 428” which is where you see all the selfies and famous snaps from the open air top floor viewing platform. That privilege will require yet another $52HKD per person, and if you don’t realize this until you reach the top floor, you’ll find out that they only take cash. No cash and you’ll need to go back down to the Peak Mall near where you entered from the tram and use card there… and then go back up. It’s inspiring, no doubt, but there’s a free alternative.

The Peak Secret Tip

The whole secret thing isn’t exactly a secret anymore, but mainstream tourists are hardly as clever as you are. Yes, flattery does work. Paying for the Sky Terrace 428 isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but the experience leaves a lot to be desired. Annoying tourists hog the good spots and unrelenting paid photographers hound passers by. It’s also just rammed, 24/7. If you want nice selfies and essentially an equally impressive view of Hong Kong’s dazzling city lights and gorgeous harbor there’s a better, cheaper way. It’s free, never crowded and may just be the best secret for the perfect Hong Kong selfie…

Perfect Secret Tip Steps

After getting off the tram, or entering The Peak Mall area, look for signs for the tram exit. Follow the exit signs and exit the building (don’t worry you can get back in) and then turn left. You’ll see people lining up to take the tram down to your right. Follow the signs for Findlay Path (not Findlay Road). Walk down Findlay Path past the first decent viewpoint, until what will soon present itself as an obvious winner. There’s almost never anyone there, and the views are as compelling as the roof! No selfie sticks, no loud tourists. Here’s a photo taken from this vantage point, on a phone camera…

Victoria Peak skyline at nightGetting Down From The Peak

If it’s daytime, a hike down one of the many paths, such as the road that begins at Findlay Path, or down Old Peak Road will be an absolute joy and take you through beautiful scenery. It’s steep, it’s long (will take about an hour) and is a bit challenging for anyone who’s not used to hiking, but is worth it. If not, you’ve got the tram, taxi or Uber. You can’t go wrong, especially since you saved $52HKD per person by not actually going to Sky Terrace 428.

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  1. The “secret” should be take the bus from the bus station next to the ferry terminal. Sit on top left, best view in town and it is cheap too.

    This way you avoid the tram line. Feel free to take the tram down.

  2. I went up the Peak today and missed peak lines. Walked right in, waited 8 min, was nudged by an older Asian grandma, and trammed up, took the obligatory InstaPeak with wind-blown hair and trammed down. The line at the entrance was crazy at 11a when I went down. If I go up again I’ll check out the Path. Thanks for the tip!

  3. My secret is:

    Check weather before leaving hotel in the morning. If it’s a clear day, take a cab to the top of the peak.

    Take tram down (if the line is short). Otherwise, cab it back down.

  4. I always just take a cab. It is cheap and easy, and I don’t do queues. Thanks for the Findlay Path tip. I will use that next time, though there are decent picture taking spots on top of that mall.

  5. An even bigger secret is the minibus that brings you up to the peak from IFC. Faster than any bus and guaranteed seating once you make it in.

  6. Took the tram up at 8am. No line. Hiked the Lugard Road Morning Path all the way round, including some great views. Took the bus down. Easy.

  7. Spot on, Ted! I used to live in HK and can second the ride on the bus — the views are excellent. Just take the bus from Central bus station.

  8. I don’t know how secret is that but i have found out the path by myself.(maybe not mainstream tourist:-) Just walked little bit around after refused to pay for terrace and determined find the other way to see the city view . You can probably walk down from the peak with that path. I did the bus with sit on the top first row. Great experience cost i think around 6HKD.

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