Knowing where to go? That’s easy.

But to create the best travel memories, sometimes you’ve gotta think outside the box once you’re there; like dressing up as a video game character and zipping through the streets of Japan on a go-kart. Or – perhaps spending an overnight stay in prison?

We’ve compiled a list of utterly ridiculous, laugh, thrill or fright a minute activities in the world’s coolest cities – worth trying, at least once. They’re not the most culturally redeeming, or educational experiences, but for a fun day out, it doesn’t get much better.

Our pick? The beer bike.

Prague – Beer Bike

Beer and bikes with someone else driving? It’s a thing. This is definitely the funniest and most unforgettable way to see the sights of Prague. Grab up to 14 mates (or just try and join a group) and pedal your way around the city on this 14 person – far from ordinary bike.

There’s a bartender on board offering an unlimited supply of the best Czech beers while you all sing to your personally selected tunes. Don’t worry – this is completely safe, extremely enjoyable and you can instantly offset at least some of the calories.

Link: Prague Beer Bike

Tokyo – MariCar

If you were a Mario Kart fan as a kid, your virtual reality dreams may literally come true. You just need to get yourself to the incredible city of Tokyo. Drive around the city in a Go Kart dressed as your favorite Mario character, blasting out your own songs. Technically the brand may have lost the rights to call it Mario, but your characters will look the part anyway.

And don’t worry if people are staring, you’ll be having too much fun to notice, plus the Luigi outfit makes a great disguise. And yes, it’s not very popular with locals, but this is one where fun wins.

Link: MariCar

London – BB Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Afternoon tea is an institution in the UK, but when you can combine it with a desire to tick off London landmarks, it’s next level. If you’re from outside the U.K, seeing a classic London red bus is exciting, but having a delicious afternoon tea service whilst touring around the city with your friends makes it an experience you will always remember.

You can buy a ticket and be a part of the crowd, or you can even reserve the whole bus for a big party or just a table for a small group and enjoy tea, cakes, sandwiches, scones and more.. oh, and the sites of London! Champagne? Maybe!

Link: BB Afternoon Tea Bus

Seoul, Bau House Dog Cafe

For any dog lovers, this place is basically heaven on earth. Imagine a place where an endless sea of cute, cuddly dogs are eager to jump into your lap for selfies, cuddles and petting – all while enjoying a cup of coffee.

You may feel like a bit of a weirdo, but everyone in there is in the same boat! And hey, you only live once – and dogs are cute. Once you’ve experienced this, it’ll be onto owls, cats and all the other funky cafes in South Korea.

Link: Bau House Dog Cafe

Queenstown, New Zealand – Shark Boat

No, no – we’re not suggesting you go on a boat and get surrounded by sharks. A shark boat is a ridiculously cool jet boat, that looks like a fighter plane. It can dive underwater, shoot up vertically out of it and hit amazing speeds.

It’s pretty much the most fun you could ever have on the water, and Queenstown is the best place on earth to do it. If you can’t quite picture it, just watch the video – simply incredible. Once you’ve gone underwater, you’ll then need to skydive to appreciate stunning Queenstown from the air too. By the way, the water is clean, it’s estimated to be cleaner than the average bottled water. 

Link: Hydro Attack Queenstown

Stockholm – Sing with ABBA

If you’re a karaoke fan, this is taking it to a whole new level. At the ABBA museum in Stockholm you can sing and dance with ABBA holograms, wear digital costumes and make your own music video. This would be too embarrassing anywhere else, but in Stockholm it’s only right.

Becoming a dancing queen with Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Benny and Björn on stage is a dream for any ABBA fan and one you won’t forget – and if you usually need a drink to brave the karaoke stage, maybe have a boozy lunch beforehand!

Link: ABBA Museum

Munich – Eisbach River Surfing

When you think of cool places to go surfing around the world, Munich doesn’t spring to mind. But maybe it should? Forget sunshine, sandy beaches or even clear blue water – but nonetheless Munich offers a river surfing attraction absolutely worth a visit.

Experienced surfers can drop in for some big wave action, while spectators can just watch and hope people fall. Though it may be frowned upon, we see no reason not to go just to watch others.

Link: Eisbach Surf

Beijing – Fire Cupping Therapy

Tempting may not be the right word to describe this one, but curiosity just may burn you here. This is definitely a unique experience – and it’s *supposedly* good for you. What exactly is fire therapy you may ask? Well, it’s one of the most desired treatments to relieve stress.

You’ll have extremely warm little bowls put all over your back, designed to act like suction cups, and suck out all the bad vibes, energy and stress from your body. The US Olympic Team has done it, but you’ll look like you were beaten by spray paint cans for a few weeks. Hey, when in China, right?

Link: Klook Fire Cupping

Liepaja, Latvia – Karosta Prison

If you’re looking for a slightly terrifying experience, then take on the roll of inmate and spend the night in a prison cell for a hotel experience like no other. And just remember: you paid for this. Guards are played by actors and subject the guests to interrogation, abuse and punishments.

If that’s not tempting enough, it’s also supposed to be one of the most ghost infested locations in the world. Maybe bring Bill Murray as a guest?!

Link: Karosta Prison

London – GoBoat

Tube is efficient, walking is great, but zipping around the canal wearing a captains hat is epic. Enjoy the sights and beautiful canals of London by steering your own canal boat and cruising around the city. Amsterdam gets all the canal buzz, but London is equally fun on the water, with less crowding too.

The boat holds up to eight people and you can bring your own picnic and alcohol on board. This is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day in London with family and friends. Just make sure you decide who gets to be captain first, alcohol and mutiny don’t mix!

Link: GoBoat

What are your favorite outside the box tourist attractions?

Featured image courtesy of Irvin Bernal

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  1. Checking it out in September while were in Tokyo for a few days. Super excited since I grew up playing the original on SNES

  2. I’ve tried Chinese fire cupping therapy by a street therapist in Sai gon, Vietnam . I was a bit scared before getting it. However, it exceeded my expectation. That was cool and relaxing! After taking the therapy, I slept well and often get sleepy around 9pm, though I often go to bed between 11 and 00h midnight. What an unforgettable experience. I’ll try again when I come back SaiGon.

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