Knowing where not to go is part of the battle – but eliminating 10 places in the world doesn’t exactly make a vacation, does it? Travel is all about timing, and in 2018 there are some truly unbelievable destinations which are hitting their peak. Here’s a lit of places where you’ll find the best beaches, the most captivating cities and sights you’ll never forget in 2018…

a city skyline at nightMelbourne, Australia

Foodie Paradise, Buzzing Night Life, Boutique Shopping, Sports.

Melbourne is one of the most under the radar cities on earth. The food, coffee and culture is off the charts leaving any traveler spoiled for choice. Areas such as St. Kilda feature many of the most unique, splurge worthy boutique shopping areas we’ve found anywhere. and when it comes to food, just about any cafe you walk into will impress to the max. Throw in a trip during the Australian Open, or a famous cricket test and you’re be seriously impressed.

a snow covered trees and igloos at nightLapland, Finland

Arctic Adventure, Northern Lights, Authentic Nature.

You’ve undoubtedly seen friends posting pictures from Iceland. While the world flocks to Iceland, harder to reach Lapland offers similar if not better delights, in a truly Arctic sledding. Picture actual reindeer, dog driven sleigh rides, snow as far as you can see – and the best viewing of the Northern Lights imaginable. There are even glass roofed luxury igloos to enjoy them from.

a red building with a tall tower with Sensō-ji in the backgroundTokyo, Japan

Tranquility, Cultural Delight, Boutique Shopping, Food, Food Food.

Tokyo may just be the best city on earth. If you want the world’s busiest street crossing and buzz, you can have it. But if you’re searching for a zen experience with the most polite, respectful and admirable culture – Tokyo is unbeatable. Enjoy strolls through the Imperial Palace Gardens in between jaunts to sushi like nowhere else, and noodle joints you won’t soon forget. Of course, bullet train rides to Kyoto, Osaka and other Japanese treasures are a must, too.

a pool with palm trees and a beachMuscat, Oman

Beach Heaven, Rugged Mountains, Stargazing, Middle East Hospitality.

All the rage has been reserved for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but Muscat is quietly positioned as the gem of the Middle East. Muscat and surrounding areas offer world class beaches, top shelf Middle Eastern hospitality and rugged, jaw dropping landscapes nearby. It’s the perfect destination for a long weekend from Europe, with sunshine all but guaranteed.

a city with red roofs and a body of waterLisbon, Portugal

Seaside Beauty, Buzzing Nightlife, Delicious Wine, Cultural Intrigue.

The consistent gripe with European travel is “it’s just so expensive”. But Lisbon, and Portugal on the whole are a great exception. The area offers the best bang for buck in Western Europe, with world class wine, an inventive food scene and history galore. There’s something incredibly charming about old ruins and historic buildings, and Portugal is generously stocked in this department.

a sun shining through the treesColombo, Sri Lanka

Beach Paradise, Jungle Beauty, Untouched Hospitality, Relaxation.

While India and the Maldives dominate Indian sub continent tourism, Sri Lanka is completely overlooked. You’ll find world class beaches with a fraction of the crowds and a region ready to welcome visitors. Jungle escapes, beach bum heaven and elephant rides are just the tip of the iceberg for Sri Lanka, and all can be found at prices far below nearby areas. If you’re looking for value in an area which will soon be all over tourist radars – visit in 2018.

a vineyard with trees and hills in the backgroundSonoma, California

World Class Wine, Romantic Retreats, Great Food, Outdoor Lifestyle.

Wildfires ravaged Napa and Sonoma in 2017, but the area is ripe and ready to impress in 2018. Chock full of idyllic boutique resorts nestled into the bountiful hillsides, it’s the perfect place for a getaway from nearby San Francisco. The wines of Napa and Sonoma are consistently rated amongst the best in the New World of wine and there’s no place where you’ll find better prices. For a wine collector or spa enthusiast, this is a must.

a city with lights on the waterQueenstown, New Zealand

Adventure Mecca, Endless Views, Nightlife, Shopping.

There are few places on earth where the phrase “take your breath away” genuinely applies – but this is one of them. Queenstown is an adventure paradise, with endless hiking, kayaking, biking, skydiving and all things outdoors. Luxury resorts, Airbnb’s and hostels create a great downtown scene replete with bars, restaurants and shopping. Even the plane ride in will blow your mind. An absolute must for any trip involving the South Pacific.

a city skyline with a tall tower

Seattle, Washington

Pacific Beauty, Museums, Buzzing City Life, Pro Sports, Adventure.

Seattle has an exciting buzz this year, as Amazon and major companies bring quality jobs to the city at a fever pitch. This economic boom has lead to world class restaurants bars, museums and attractions flooding the city. You can take great day trips to the increasingly raved about wine regions of Washington State, and Vancouver is just a few hours awe inspiring ferry ride.

a large building with columns and a spirePhnom Penh, Cambodia

Pristine Temples, Untouched Jungle, Enviable Hospitality, History.

Cambodia is experiencing a cultural revolution of the finest magnitude. Temples and ruins  remain in beautiful tact, while boutique resorts create visitor delight. Independent hotels bring incredible hospitality and increased connectivity between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh make exploring the whole country easier than ever. If intriguing river and jungle scenes mixed with superb value, great food and escape the world peace sound like you’re cup of tea – Cambodia is the trip to take.

a river with a bridge and buildings at nightLjubljana, Slovenia

Idyllic village, Hipster Heaven, Mountain Paradise, Bang For Buck.

Getting there before your friends – priceless. Ljubljana has been under the radar for far too long. The city offers some of the best bang for your European vacation buck. It’s arguably, also the most beautiful small city in Europe. Find a buzzing and vibrant young scene with cafes and bars to rival the best in London or Paris, all nestled into a manageable destination. But adventure seekers will not be remiss either, thanks to Slovenia’s world class slopes and utterly gorgeous lakes.

Where will you travel in 2018?

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