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Let’s be real – travel isn’t for everyone right now, and your luggage is somewhere collecting dust. And no, those fake video conferencing backgrounds do not count as travel, as much as we may want them too. Responding to travel nostalgia and pivoting to things people still need to buy, Rimowa is out with brand new iPhone cases that look just like their premium luggage, and at least gives you something travel related to look at, while keeping your phone safe.

Rimowa’s New iPhone 12 Cases

At $90, €70 or £65, it doesn’t fit in the budget phone case department, but Rimowa has a new polycarbonate and shockproof TPU case for the just released iPhone 12, which makes your new phone look like a signature piece of Rimowa luggage.

Despite being ridiculously expensive – and for $90 a phone case, ridiculous really is the word, they do look stunning.

a cell phone on a book
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It’s also a market where very few protective cases have any “swag”, or unique feel. These cases fit the branding of Rimowa’s luggage, which may trigger happy feelings of travel, or itches to grab the actual Rimowa bag out of the closet and pick a place worth going. Or at least, just one you can actually visit right now, despite travel restrictions.

The cases come in a variety of colors which adds individuality to the phone, from a very Instagram friendly pink to cactus green, matte black and an iridescent glow for extra funk. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’re missing travel and looking to add a bit of inspiration to the every day, it’s a pretty cool way to let your iPhone feel as if its a well traveled iPhone.

Cases are on sale directly with Rimowa in their Rimowa USA and European stores, and compared to the $4000 Rimowa x Dior carry on’s they’re selling, these are a bargain!

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