a silver suitcase with a mountain in the background

Walking around the airport, you’re sure to see quite a range of carry on’s, from duct taped garbage bags, to ever popular Away luggage and quite a few backpacks filled with clever compartments.

But there’s a new entrant on the scene from two storied brands, and it may just be the most ridiculous carry on wheeling through an airport near you. At $3200 a pop, fashion house Moncler’s collab case with Rimowa borders on ridiculous via price alone, and the new ultra polished aluminum shell, so clear, it can act as a mirror, does the rest.

a luggage on a reflective surface with a mountain in the background

Rimowa x Moncler Carry On

The Rimowa x Moncler “Reflection” carry on is the latest in a series of high end luxury collaborations between the iconic luggage standard bearer Rimowa and top European design houses, including Dior. The Dior version will set you back a cool $4100 by the way, but it’s sold out in 2/3 colors already!

As far as “omg” features go, that’s pretty much it. There’s no James Bond style wizardry that will blow dry your hair in a pinch, or repel you from a building as the evil bad guys close in. It does however come with three equally mirror like packing cubes though, so you’ve got that going for you, if you drop $3200 on a piece of luggage.

Worried someone may be walking too close in the airport, but can’t swivel 360 degrees with your head to shun then? Moncler and Rimowa’s case really may be the solution for you, with its ultra polished aluminum shell, ready to patch any blind spots. You just may need to bring a terry cloth and some polish with you to keep it that way, because overhead bins are rarely kind to corners.

Fortunately, Rimowa’s Moncler collaboration has matte black edge trimmings to keep it looking ice cold. Just remember: a signature of Rimowa luggage is a few dings that showcase your travel, so don’t get too carried away trying to hammer out your high quality aluminum shell.

Perhaps most incredibly to many, there’s a huge market for this. These collaborations keep selling out, and fast. If you want a spiffed up carry on with ultra cushy interior to keep your goods cosy, you’ll need to move fast on the Rimowa website.

Apparently, years of learnings from making some of the most revered outdoor alpine gear helped in the creation of ultra cushy layers inside for your clothes, though the Rimowa case did lose some surface area in the making of the extra padding.

a silver suitcase with a mountain in the background

Moncler’s puffer jackets retail for over $1300, so it’s no surprise that something more substantial would command three times the price, but with Rimowa’s bags already a big splurge with hefty $600+ carry on prices, these bags at 5x the price definitely turn some heads.

Basically, you can take slightly less stuff than you would with a standard Rimowa case of the same size, but the stuff you do take will be well guarded. It looks like the sort of thing a Bond girl might haul up a mountain on a ski chalet trip, just don’t expect it to save you in a pinch. Your stuff inside might make it though!

Check out the Rimowa x Moncler collaboration.

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