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Some hotels just roll off the tip of the tongue when you mention a city. When you mention London, The Langham is one of those.

The quintessential London luxury hotel sits in one of the best parts of town, with quick access to Soho, Regents Park and lovely Marylebone High Street. But it’s the service and amenities inside which keep many guests from venturing out at all.

Always a favorite for afternoon tea, I somewhat frequently book stays at The Langham with my young family for fun staycations, and even with lofty expectations, somehow The Langham always managed to exceed.

The rooms are good, sure, but it’s the total package which makes this hotel a prime choice for any traveler blessed with choice.

a man standing in front of a building

The Langham London: Location

If you’re new to London, The Langham is in an enviable location. It’s close enough to touristy and busy areas like Oxford Circus, but it’s set back among gorgeous streets of Marylebone and close to Regents Park. For a morning run, you’re spoiled for choice.

It’s a quick walk to restaurants, theatre and nightlife in Soho, too. You’ve got access to the most useful underground lines, including the Victoria Line, Bakerloo and Central.

Checking In: 10/10

With some hotels, the good stuff is found after a drab check in. Not here. Up the stairs and to the right, the check in area is spacious, beautifully scented and well staffed.

I’ve never waited more than a minute or two for a kind team member to begin the formalities and when they begin, they’re both professional and cordial. I’m yet to have the feeling that someone behind the desk doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, or hasn’t checked any reservation notes.

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The Rooms & Suites

The Langham is a London icon with immense history. In a wonderful way, it’s not an easy hotel to pigeon hole in style terms.

Many spaces are contemporary and art focused with wonderful use of flowers. Others, such as guest rooms, are more classically and traditionally styled, with tasteful updates and clean colors.

I’ve stayed at the Langham more than a handful of times this year in varying rooms, each giving off a sense of place, history and luxury. All room types are nicely sized and well appointed, but the extra space found in the Executive Rooms is very welcome for anyone traveling with family or taking meetings.

a room with a bed and a desk
a room with two chairs and a table

Booking through GSTP’s concierge program, I’ve been fortunate to receive one category upgrades from time to time. I was also able to enjoy a suite during a great promo and all I can say is that if you get the chance, it’s well worth it.

The suites are impressively quiet, spacious and serviced to an amazingly high standard. Many are also centrally located, making it easy to access the Langham Club or swift exits from the hotel.

In Room Tech, Wifi And Connectivity

If there was any area for improvement in the Langham, and that requires a bit of a stretch, it would be in the technology department.

TV’s I’ve experienced have had relatively limited function, simply displaying food menus and allowing basic live TV channels. I’d love to see an upgrade to screens which allow Apple or Android devices to stream to the televisions such as ChromeCast, or to incorporate app based content like Netflix or Apple+ TV.

a tv on a dresser in a room

Wifi speeds at the Langham are typically excellent and I’ve never had an issue during Zoom calls or file uploads. Streaming is also a breeze. New Ted Lasso can’t wait, can it?

Power ports can be found near the bedsides, and often above alarm clocks, but in future updates, some USB-C ports would give this classically wonderful experience a nice modern edge without any intrusion.

Langham — Amazing With Kids!

Travel with young kids is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding, but also often stressful experiences. Part of that stress is often wondering how hotels will react to kids. I find that’s particularly true in five star hotels where guests can appear cold and gruff.

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The Langham turns this on its head better than virtually anywhere I’ve been. There are amenities specifically for kids and depending on the room type you book, there are options like teepee’s setup in the rooms and so much more.

Our little one, Olive, loves the Langham and always wonders why other hotels don’t have things like crayons available when we check in. And yes, that’s a lot to unpack.

The Langham Pool, Gym And More

The Langham Pool and Chuan Spa are rare treats in London.

The pool is in an old bank vault below the building and is the perfect length for lap swims for exercise, but is also fully approachable for families to do cannonballs.

a swimming pool with a wall and a picture of a tree

It’s worth noting that children aren’t welcome at the pool from 10AM-2PM, but very much are at all other times of day. This creates a nice balance for all guests, in my experience.

The Langham’s gym is also excellent and has more than enough to stay fit whether weight training, crossfit or just running and biking. As a transplant living in London, I will note that Regents Park is only down the road, so if you want some outdoor loops, there are some gorgeous ones just outside.

Dining, Drinking And Tea

Most people choose hotels for the location, quality of the beds or the service. With the Langham London already excelling in each of those marks, the five star hotel further differentiates itself with food and beverage.

Palm Court, the home of Langham’s afternoon tea is one of the most iconic afternoon teas out there, and having experienced it multiple times over the last decade, I cannot recommend it enough for a quintessential London experience.

The Langham also offers Artesian, a clever cocktail bar with impressive food pairings, including recent stints with Humble Chicken, a London hotspot. When I say cocktails, I mean real cocktails. Mixology level, interesting spirits and all that. And of course, Roux at the Landau somewhat speaks for itself.

London somehow remains an underrated city for all things delicious, but if there’s ever a place where you’d be excused for not venturing out, its probably here. But do go out! Delicious options like Ottolenghi, Daylesford and Trishna are just a short walk away.

Booking The Langham

Rates at the Langham vary, but you can expect five star hotel prices in a major city. When booking, going direct is always a good move for added benefits, as is booking with a luxury travel advisor.

Luxury travel advisors can unlock extras such as “free” breakfast, better upgrades or check out times based on their and their agency’s overall sales relationship with the hotel.

However you book, it’s hard not to instantly feel engrained in the fabric of London when staying at the Langham. There’s a reason my family chooses this hotel as our home away from home for staycations in the city. London and Langham, has a ring to it, right?

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    1. Hmmm both total excellence. Rosewood rooms have a bit more contemporary edge, but Langham location is really hard to beat for my circle of gravity. Both deliver on exceptional levels.

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