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Most pay as you go lounges are uninspired. Yeah, sure, they’re usually secluded from the main terminal and there’s usually some snacks and drinks to be found, but worth extra time at the airport? Rarely. The T2 Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow knocks that to the side, with an attractive space, better than average lounge food and kind service.

It may not be a first class lounge from Singapore or Emirates, but realistically they’re completely different worlds of expectation. For lounge entry via a travel rewards credit card, like Amex Platinum, or a lounge membership, frequent flyer status or business class ticket, the Plaza Premium Lounge at T2 is excellent.

Here’s what to expect, if you make the trip. With many London Heathrow terminals including 3 and 4 closed indefinitely, more people than ever will be funneled into this space, including Virgin Atlantic passengers and others.

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Getting Into Plaza Premium LHR T2

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2 is nearest Duty Free and transit security in the main initial terminal, after coming down the escalators or elevators and having cleared security. If you’re looking into Duty Free shopping, it’s as far to the left as possible. If you’re inside Duty Free, it’s as far to the right as possible.

Entry into the Plaza Premium Departure Lounge at T2 is available as a purchase to anyone traveling, via frequent flyer status with an airline utilizing the lounge, via access through the Amex Platinum Global Lounge Collection.

Many airlines which normally fly from other Heathrow terminals are temporarily using this Plaza Premium lounge for their business or first class passengers.

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The Plaza Premium T2 Departure Lounge Space

Ok, negatives first. Or really, just the one.

There’s no natural light in the Plaza Premium Departure Lounge at T2. If you’re seeking A380, 787, 777 and A350 plane watching views, you’d do better in the main terminal. If it’s about space to knock out some work, rest, grab some grub or even a shower and a nap, this is the spot.

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Despite a lack of natural light, the high ceilings in the lounge give it a distinctly upper class feel, and the design aesthetic elevates things well above a cafeteria for frequent and or savvy travelers.

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Once admitted, the bar is the first thing found, just off to the left, with seating areas through either area of that initial bar area and hallway. The lounge does an excellent job of creating spaces for everyone, with varying partitions, to keep most spaces from feeling over exposed.

Read as: if you want to sit solo, there’s plenty of quiet and private solo seats. If you’re with a group, peel right, past the buffet to the far side and there’s more group oriented nooks.

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Plaza Premium T2 Lounge Amenities & Food

One amazing feature, particularly for a pay as you go lounge, is the shower facilities. Being able to grab a shower in transit, or immediately before a long haul is a joyous feeling. Depending on your method of entry, a shower may cost extra, or be all part of the deal.

If you make a right entering the lounge, you find a well managed buffet. There’s a selection of hot and cold foods, all of which are above passable. It’s not Eric Ripert or Gordon Ramsay whipping up the soups, Indian dishes or other options, but it’s a good effort. Salads and light bites are solid too.

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Covid-19 protocols have been very impressive in the lounge, where the buffet is “no touch”, where you simply tell a person what you’d like, they plate it all up for you and you move on. You can take the food anywhere, and stop by the well equipped bar for a drink en route.

Draught beer, wine, spirits and all the usuals are available in the lounge, and some airlines have Champagne held back for their customers who use the space, so it never hurts to ask!

a room with a tv and a bar

Wifi connection is very good in the lounge, at least every time I’ve been, so it’s an excellent place to upload, or download before a flight. There’s usually some tele on in the background too.

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With every lounge, it really all comes down to service though. While there’s no singular point of extraordinary, so many things are done really well, and with personality. The managers seem to bring out the best in their team, and every person I’ve ever asked for help, or inquired about something, has always been extremely kind.

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Plaza Premium T2: A Great Place To Kick Back

Now that Plaza Premium has dropped Priority Pass access, I’d expect this may be one of the quieter and nicer lounge spaces in T2 for a while to come. There’s a lot to like in here and with fewer people having free and automatic access, there may be a little more room for refinement.

Sure, I’d love big sun soaked windows or views, but for an easily accessible lounge I think it’s worth a trip in, or for a long pre-flight wait – to pay for entry. Is it worth an early start just to have extra time in the lounge? No. But, perhaps that’s because I’m a jaded traveler who’s spent too much time in lounges, and prefers every moment at home. If you’re not there yet, go for it!

The Plaza Premium Departures Lounge at LHR T2 is a great place to work, a great place to relax and just a really charming airport lounge done right.

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  1. Are you sure they are serving alcohol ? I just called them and they said due to govt guidelines they weren’t serving any alcohol, let alone champagne !

    1. Currently not, but that’s scheduled to change as the UK continues its path out of lockdown in May. I’m saying general times, that’s what’s offered. Sorry for not being clearer.

  2. I was there in December, certainly not the way you wrote. It was crowded and terrible food. I’ll never go back. Hopefully T3 will reopen soon at LHR!

  3. I don’t get the title. Is it a pun, or just two grammar mistakes in three words? Not trying to be mean, it’s just hurting my brain.

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