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Good news and bad news. The good news: Qatar Airways is back again with exciting business class flight deals from easy to reach European departure points to Asia, for travel late into 2021 and even 2022.

The bad new: there’s no guarantee the countries in question will be open for your visit, and as the world continues to cope with governance by morons in many countries, the likelihoods of any potential trips are even more difficult to craft. With those operating principles in mind, there are some great deals to Asia in Qatar Airways Qsuites.

Flight Deals to Asia

Qatar Airways has some hot deals from easy to reach Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo or Stockholm for travel to Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The deals start at £1199 round trip in business class, and can earn an attractive stack of miles, and also earn 560 tier points toward elite status with British airway, if you choose that frequent flyer program.

Though it might not be all that appealing, virtually anyone can actually visit Thailand right now, provided they’re willing to endure 14 days in a quarantine hotel first, at their own expense.

That’s likely to change for anyone who has been vaccinated, who will become exempt from quarantine as Thailand mulls travel restriction changes. Hong Kong, on the other hand is anyone’s best guess, particularly as the SAR comes to terms with ‘new normals’ with China in the driver seat.

Lovely Singapore has also been extremely cautious and it’s unclear when broader travel will reopen. Japan still says it expects to open by Summer.

a group of people sitting in a chair in a plane

Changes To Qatar Airways Tickets

Anyway. Qatar Airways has flight deals for round trip Qsuite business class on at least one of the two segments in each direction (likely both) starting at £1199, which is just about as low as it’s been in a while. Unfortunately, there’s yet another eye roll involved and that’s lounge access.

No More Lounge Access: Qatar Airways removed ‘Al Mourjan’ lounge access from these ‘R’ fares sold by the airline, which means you’d only be able to access a more basic lounge based on elite status with Oneworld, or PriorityPass.

If lounge access wasn’t a big deal to you, and you can find a short connection (or don’t mind paying for access) the rest is all the same. The Qsuite still has a privacy door, the food is still great, the service excellent and the experience fun! In some cases, fares which include lounge access won’t be much more, but in others the gulf is ridiculous.

Here’s a Qsuite review too.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are widely available throughout 2021, but for the sake of feeling like the trip might actually work out, we’ve focused on dates in the second half of the year and into 2022. Yep, these deals even work over December holidays and New Years too.

Here’s more precise date availability for each bargain…

£1199 (€1350) Brussels to Hong Kong: Monday, Wednesday or Sunday departures from Brussels virtually all 2021 and into 2022. Any day of the week from November 2021.

£1250 (€1425)Amsterdam to Hong Kong: These flights are available almost any day.

£1230 (€1400) Oslo or Stockholm to Bangkok: These deals are available almost any day in 2021, though there are blackout dates from mid December until mid January.

£1241 (€1420) Stockholm to Singapore: Good news, these too are bookable almost any day in 2021, and with the exception of mid December early Jan blackouts, also in 2022.

£1450 (€1655) Edinburgh to Seoul: These exceptionally good deals (by UK standards) are available from September 2021 onward for departures on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. That swaps to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

£1750 (€2055) Edinburgh or Manchester to Tokyo: Fair enough, it’s a lot of money, but Tokyo is rarely much less, even from European departure points. These deals are widely available from late August 2021 to early December.

In virtually every case, you’ll find a 4-5 night minimum stay requirement, but nothing more beyond that. Basically, stay at least a few nights, and much longer if you wish.

How To Book These Flight Deals

Everyone loves a great deal, and many people now also find themselves with previous credits from past bookings. £1241 for round trip to Singapore is excellent, as is Hong Kong or Bangkok. For the UK, the prices are also very-very good.

You can book these deals directly on Qatar Airways website, by inputting any of these departure cities and destinations. Qatar also offers very good flexibility for any new bookings.

If you’re located elsewhere, it’s important to consider the added hassles of transiting via other countries during covid-19, due to the extra layer of complication each country can pose with its own entry restrictions. That’s easier for EU passport holders than others.

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  1. One thing to note (if it is still the case). QR used to fly the old 777 (no QSuite and 2-2-2 configuration) out of Brussels.

    Double check to avoid disappointment

  2. Quite the bargain. Any idea why there are so many great business class deals out of Europe to the Americas and Asia while so few from the USA?

    1. A lot of supply and demand. Plus, I find European companies are less likely to stump for long haul business than American companies on the whole, but there are obvious exceptions.

      1. Plus the Scandinavians don’t like paying J fares for holidays. Thus you might find our Arn or HEL j J cabins to Asia with only Few pax, but Y is jam packed full. So QR need to fill those J cabins….

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