a plane flying in the sky

A Qatar Airways A380 just made perhaps one of the world’s shortest ever flight journeys, from one airport in Doha to another just around the corner. The reason, however, is a big one.

The super-jumbo aircraft are fast being readied for a return to service, as demand skyrockets amid shortages with everything from aircraft to cabin crew for the Qatar based airline.

After more than a year where it looked like few, if any, A380’s would fly again, the super-jumbo continues to make a triumphant return to the skies, not only with British Airways and Emirates, but now Qatar Airways too. Read on to find out where Qatar Airways A380’s are headed, and what to expect.

a plane flying in the sky

Qatar Airways Readying 5 A380’s

Qatar Airways, the Doha based Oneworld airline says it’s readying at least 5 of its 10 Airbus A380 super-jumbo jets for a return to winter service.

The airline has seen sharp upticks in demand, but with many aircraft unexpectedly and temporarily out of service due to an ongoing dispute with Airbus, a struggle to match up to passenger capacity goals has followed.

According to a release from Qatar Airways, the destinations of these mammoth double decker planes are now confirmed to be London Heathrow and Paris (CDG). Flights will begin by December 15th, ready for one of the busiest travel times of year.

With Asia reopening, Qatar is seeing massive increases in demand not only for Europe, Middle East Africa and United States, but for destinations further East as well. Australia is also actively opening borders from December, which represents a huge market that has largely been without travel, and will signify pent up demand.

What To Expect On Board

Despite a fantastic economy setup and wowing first class experience, Qatar Airways A380’s will represent a small step back for most passengers up front.

Qatar Airways revolutionized business class with the ‘Qsuite’ on board the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft, with suites offering full privacy doors and large screens. The A380, however, will offer Qatar Airways slightly older seats, which do offer direct aisle access, but don’t offer similar levels of privacy.

The A380 remains one of the most impressive aircraft for passenger experience, thanks to ultra quiet noise suppression, particularly on the Upper deck and increased dimensions which allow wider seats in most economy configurations.

As travel comes roaring back, so too are the A380’s.

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  1. I’d love to experience Qatar’s A380 but with how long they’ll be around being so vague, I figure it’s too chancy to plan on this for a half year out.

    1. Flew on Qatar a380 in business class from Doha to Perth. Absolutely loved it. Super comfy and super quiet. Good to see the king of the skies returning

      1. Agree. We have done scandi to Asia many times on the a380, never had a bad flight. V v comfy. Been in q suites also, but each plane offers comfortable experiences.

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