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Age is just a number.

Alex Jacquot, CEO of upstart airline Oceania Express made headlines around the world in recent weeks.

Perhaps, because of the sheer fact that he’s 10.

The 10 year old’s letter to Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce went viral when the young CEO asked for guidance while demanding to be taken seriously. When Alan Joyce responded, things hit a totally new level and Mr. Joyce formally invited the young airline entrepreneur to discuss his innovative ideas face to face at Qantas HQ.

After all, CEO’s exect mutual respect, and even though he’s 10, as a CEO of an upstart airline Alex’s ideas must be taken seriously…

a boy sitting in a chair holding a piece of paperWell, it actually happened. Alex Jacquot, the 10 year old CEO of Oceania Express joined Alan Joyce and other Qantas execs for a meeting of the minds at Sydney Headquarters. As CEOs tend to do, Mr. Jacquot brought an entourage, including 10 year old Deputy CEO Wolf Stringer, and Oceania Express head of in flight services, 7 year old Mila Jacquot. Qantas and Joyce are providing Oceania Express with directional support and resources as the upstart airline gains traction with the Aussie public.

a white airplane in the skyAll kidding aside, Qantas signed a notice of memorandum with Oceania Express, effective 2026. The agreement, set for the date Mr. Jacquot will graduate high school could be extended to a later date if the young entrepreneur attends college. Basically, when he’s ready, Qantas is ready to help.

a white airplane flying in the skyThe airline, in what can only be described as “awesome”, provided 10 year old CEO Alex Jacquot with business cards, a logo mock up and a vision of what its future livery might look like on a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Executives from loyalty, in flight services and other departments were on hand with top tips for the dynamic young team.

Qantas also registered Oceaniaexpress.com.au on Mr. Jacquot’s behalf. Basically, when Oceania Express’ founders are old enough to open their own bank account, the airline world better watch out. Good on Qantas for getting in on a good thing early.

a man and boy in suits signing papersTravel is changing at a more accelerated rate than ever, and there’s no industry where that’s more true than air travel. Qantas has embarked on ambitious projects to bring direct ultra long haul flights between Sydney, New York and London and innovation will be a key factor in making dreams into reality. With the help of some of the world’s savviest 10 year olds, the next big idea in air travel may not be far off…

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