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And it’ll be open for business late 2019…

For tired and weary travelers, business class lounges are heaven sent. Drinks, seats and a nice buffet beat the airport any day, but for a lucky sub set of travelers, there’s still one more level to go – and it’s way up. Qantas First Class Lounges are the top of that pinnacle in airport comfort, and the airline is now using VR to fine tune its latest offering.

a woman standing in a lobbyWith an opening date penciled for the end of 2019, passengers are getting seriously excited about the plans for Qantas newly upgraded Singapore lounge digs. With excitement comes expectation and with expectation comes responsibility and that means “getting things right” is crucial. Singapore Changi is Qantas’ largest hub outside of Australia.

a woman sitting in a chair in a lobby a restaurant with tables and chairsNaturally, everyone wants a say, and everyone actually involved in the project also wants to get things right the first time, so the airline Qantas has teamed up with David Caon to create accurate 3D mock ups of the lounge using VR to ensure that every detail is thought out, before any hammers get thrown. Sydney based Akin Atelier is collaborating on the project.

a restaurant with people sitting at tablesIf the food is anything like the rest of Qantas’ flagship first class lounges in Sydney, Melbourne or Los Angeles (hello, Salt & Pepper Squid, I love you) – the design won’t be the only draw but being able to view it in VR certainly creates a unique buzz.

Qantas has confirmed that the lounge is designed based on Singapore’s vibrant, eclectic culture, with an emphasis on amenities for transit passengers. Picture classic Qantas marble meets unique Southeast Asian heritage.

a room with green chairs and a large tv a room with chairs and tablesThere will be showers, a la carte dining, charging stations and a signature cocktail bar. This 240 seat separate lounge will bring increased sophistication to the waiting game for Qantas First passengers and Oneworld Emerald customers, seeking to escape the current business class setup. The airline is also expanding its business class lounge, which will open earlier in mid 2019. The two lounges will combine to accommodate up to 800 passengers. With 50 flights a week through Changi, this is a welcomed move.

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