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The price to comfort level breaks the meter…

When you fly business class you always want to leave with a feeling that the added expense was “worth it”. It’s safe to say when you try Qatar Airways QSuites, you’ll feel like you’ve committed robbery, let alone justifying “worth it”. There’s been a price drop on flights from Stockholm to Singapore thanks to a handy promotional code. For £1225 there’s really not much better way to get to Southeast Asia at the moment…

a room with a computer and monitorsThe Qatar QSuites Deals

The best Qatar Airways QSuites business class deals from Europe to Asia are presently between Stockholm and Singapore for £1225 ($1564) round trip. Other cities are available for a bit more. Qatar recently started adding its famed private business class Qsuites on select flights between Stockholm and Doha, making it possible to go all Airbus A350 all the way to Singapore. There’s no better way to fly business class. If Stockholm isn’t your game, Budapest or Gothenburg to Bangkok is another great option.

a group of trees with lights at nightThe Dates You Can Travel

For Stockholm (ARN) to Singapore (SIN) – wide open! This Qatar Airways fare is valid almost any day in 2019. The only restriction is a three night minimum stay. You could leave on a Saturday and fly back Tuesday, or on a Tuesday flying back or Friday. Same logic applies for any day of the week. To get the best deals, you’ll want to enter promo code: MECENAT at the initial booking screen where you enter your dates.

a bed in a roomHow To Figure Out If You’re Booking QSuites

Without a doubt – you want QSuites. Here’s a review – you’ll quickly see why. Using the free ExpertFlyer “Seat Map” tool, you can quickly figure out what you’re getting for each specific flight of the day. If you see a map like this one you’re getting QSuites…

a screenshot of a flight test
If you see a map where seats are staggered, it’s QSuites.

But if you see a map like this one, as of that moment you’re not. It’s still nice though

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Seats in perfectly straight rows like this will not be QSuites.

How To Book These Great Qatar Airways Deals

With wide open dates and QSuites on almost every day, these deals are incredibly easy to book. Simply head to the dedicated Qatar Airways booking webpage here. Enter promo code MECENAT when you enter your ideal dates. From there, find flights that work for you and use the tips above to lock in the best ride in both directions. Is this the best sale Qatar has ever had? No. Is it an amazing deal to Asia worth booking in a heartbeat? yes.

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  1. Another wild goose chase… between you and the points guy– wasting my time. These fares are not transparent for all if they actually exist

    1. As if. You can book literally almost any date in 2019. When are you looking? Perhaps you could just do the polite and logical thing which is to ask for help before questioning something that’s exactly as stated. I’ll happily give you personalized help here just to illustrate the point of manners…

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this information, very helpful.

    I am searching the route using the flight number 172 using the ExpertFlyer site and I have checked October -December 2019 and not a single day has the new Qsuites layout on the first leg of the flight.

    Quite a few have the A350-1000 on the Doha-Singapore leg but I cannot see any of the A350-900’s which have been fitted with the Qsuites on the route for that 3 month period. In the months prior to that it seems to be operated using Dreamliners which always have the older layout.

    Would you be able to let me know which flight numbers are using the Qsuites for the first leg?


    1. Qatar in practice has been swapping out the old a350s for new ones. If you look for Stockholm departures in the near future, you’ll see that almost all feature the QSuite. Even 777-300ER stand a high chance of being QSuite by late year. Qatar is famous for equipment swaps so it’s not at all uncommon to be in limbo on some dates.

  3. This also seems to work if you want to fly out from ARN and back to OSL. “Unfortunately”, for the dates I’m flying I get the 788 from ARN and the 359 to OSL – DOH to/from SIN is on the 351 so guaranteed to be QSuites. Still, £1190 is a great fare!

  4. @GSTP

    Thanks. I thought that may be the case.

    Would it be better to reserve seats or to leave it to closer to the date in this case usually?

    As we would be travelling as a couple so ideally would want to maximise the chances of getting two seats together.

    Thanks again.

    1. My pleasure. I’d definitely select good seats on the ones showing as Qsuites and all those that are not.

      I’d set an aircraft change alert on ExpertFlyer or also use CheckMyTrip to see if your seat assignment changes.

      If it does, there’s a high likelihood they’ve finally updated the seat map to Qsuites and you can re select. If not, you’re covered.

  5. Flying ARN-BKK in august 1300, did it on the amex site so get triple points too. Connections are a bit pants but got them for 150 return, Qsuites on three legs, can’t wait….Thanks.

  6. Can I ask are the Q suites only on the A350,not the A380?
    Also,does the A350 have an upper floor with a bar-or is this just the A380?
    Finally,can you tell me are these deals exclusively from Stockholm?-are there any deals from Amsterdam or the UK to the far east?
    It does sound an excellent deal though.

  7. Q suites on 2 legs also, but of course qr renowned for last minute aircraft change. Great price still. And keeps us near BA Silver…

  8. I need some help to figure this out. I assume the price of 1225 GPB is for a round trip ticket from ASN to SIN.

    Well I checked numerous dates (months and day combination) in 2019, always with a minimum of three days, sometimes even 4 or 5 days.
    I used the promo code mentioned above.
    Now when I do a comparison for flights with and without promo code it is about a 60 USD difference between using the promo code and not using it for a flight in Business Saver and 105 USD in Business Value.

    Where is the big deal here? I am confused.

      1. Seriously man?

        Do you even read? there is a big hype about such a mega cheap fare for 60 USD difference with or without promo code. Great mega deal…

        I guess what’s confusing is clickbait?

        1. What’s clickbait? The price is accurate, if you use the promo code. If you don’t care about good fares or saving $60 or more… don’t click. It’s that simple. The price was over £1300 and now it’s not. In any language around the world, that’s called a price drop.

    1. Hi Peter,
      I easily managed to find (today 14/01) on Qatar Airways website (with the promo code) a return flight ARN-SIN for 14062 SEK which is approx. £1220.
      This looks a great deal on QR business class.
      Out of curiosity I tried to add 1-2 nights in Doha on the return flight and that cost 14192 SEK ( approx. £1230). So you can have a 2 in 1 holiday!
      Travel Todi

    1. Flight deals almost always only work in one direction and not from the other. This is one of those times. Hope that’s helpful.

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