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If someone came along and told you that you’re probably doing it all wrong- missing out on upgrades, elite status, free flights and additional benefits from American Airlines you’d have questions. The truth is- you really might be. Unbeknownst to many-  like many other airlines, American Airlines has an extremely lucrative program in addition to it’s “AAdvantage” airline miles program, and you can score some awesome stuff…

a seat in a planeIt’s Called BusinessExtra, And Everyone Is A Business…

BusinessExtra is a program designed to incentivize corporate travel. Through the program- in addition to the airline miles you earn, you also earn completely separate business extra points. There are no hurdles in place to keep anyone from registering, since running a household is a business. Therefore, everyone flying American Airlines should take advantage of this excellent opportunity to earn increased perks. Why wouldn’t you?

an airplane flying in the sky

The Benefits Can Be Extremely Lucrative…

BusinessExtra allows you to earn upgrades, elite status, Admiral Club membership, free flights in all cabins and other extremely useful flying opportunities. For example, a very small amount of points can unlock a one way upgrade certificate – good on any flights in the US, subject to availability. There was even a (free) sign up bonus last year, that instantly earned enough points for a one way domestic upgrade. The more points you earn- the better the opportunities become. International upgrade certificates, even those that can be used on discount economy tickets are up for grabs as well. And yeah, you really can get AAdvantage Gold elite status, getting you perks all year – or membership to American’s lounges, so you can unwind at the airport, even when flying economy.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleSigning Up Is Easy, And You Should Absolutely Do It Today…

By adding your (new) BusinessExtra number to your reservations you’re earning extra points bringing extra benefits. Simply enter it in addition to your frequent flyer number, whenever you see the BusinessExtra/OnBusiness program box while booking. You still get all the miles and perks from your personal frequent flyer account, all while pooling points on your business account simultaneously. It’s a no brainer – with no downside. Aside from earning perks, having BusinessExtra on your reservation can even also be a tie breaker for upgrades, bumps and other things – since corporate customers get preferential treatment in many cases. Join here.


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  1. Earlier this year Founderscard offered plat status trial for free, if you had Business ExtrAA account. Went ahead and did it. Well worth it 🙂

  2. Since this is mainly for US-based people this won’t work in Europe with AA, right? I saw that they redirect you to which seems to be something similar for UK and Europe residents, but is it working the same way with a household as a business only as well?

  3. I guess you forgot to read the terms and conditions which state under member eligibility, “Subject to approval by American Airlines, Inc. (American), membership in Business Extra program is available to companies (Member) (1) with two or more employee travelers, and (2) which maintain their primary physical address in one of the following countries, and (3) for some international countries, companies have an annual minimum revenue requirement per 12-month period between $15K-$25K USD that must be met and vary for each country.
    The annual revenue requirement may be adjusted from time to time. Any adjustment to this amount will be at the discretion of their Business Extra program. If you have any questions about your company’s minimum annual revenue requirement, please contact your Business Extra account manager.
    Below is a country list and revenue requirements:”

    Not sure how you can classify a family as a business since businesses have very clear legal definitions in the United States and being a family doesn’t count as one. Second, you need 2 or more employee travelers.

    1. somehow no one has ever noted any of the issues with the program, which you note. Somehow countless people (such as myself) have heeded the advice in the post for years. Without revenue requirement, without traveler rules being enforced- amongst many other things. Take it as you will.

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