Jay Z once said “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”. Taking his advice, I consider my life, and especially my travel to be a business and you should too, especially if you really have a business. If you’ve got a partner, friend or anyone you trust to share a business frequent flyer account, you can double up your earnings, scoring upgrade certificates, free flights and lounge memberships. Just running a household with two or more people technically makes you a business…

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So How Is it Different From My Regular Frequent Flyer Account? Do I earn Both?

Yes. The person that flies always collects personal airline miles, even if a business paid for the ticket. A company cannot take your miles from you, but a company can also earn miles at the same time, as an incentive to book with that particular airline. These separate programs allow companies to earn rewards while travelers earn. If you happen to be both the “company” and the person traveling… That’s a sweet double up. The points earned through business programs work differently, but can actually be even more valuable (stay tuned for a perfect example in last paragraph).

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How Does It Work?

Pretty simple really. You add your personal frequent flyer number to your reservation and you also add your business travel account number you get (once registered) with your favorite airline’s business program. You’ll personally earn miles and your business account will earn points too. To qualify for most airlines business programs, all you need is two or more travelers, most don’t even ask for Tax ID or incorporation numbers at all, just a business name, which could be “Ott Household” or something simple, because even sole proprietorships are businesses. This is extremely lucrative.

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Where Do I Sign Up?

Virtually every airline offers a business program and each one will have a different name. American’s is called “Business Extra”, British Airways is “On Business”, Delta’s is “Sky Bonus”. A simple Google should find any others. Once you find your airline’s program, simply register by providing your details. You’ll add your name, your business name, select a couple drop down menus about travel spend and you’ll be on your way. Once signed up, you just add the personal frequent flyer numbers of those who travel in your “business” and the “business program” number.

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So What Can I Earn?

You can earn free flights, upgrades, lounge memberships, even elite status. Though it usually takes more flying to earn rewards through business programs, sometimes there are incredibly lucrative opportunities for bonuses, where as little as one flight can score you upgrades and more…

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Here’s An AMAZING Opportunity For You…

The reason for this post is that if you sign up for American’s “Business Extra” program, register for THIS promotion and take a paid business class flight between the US and Europe (in either direction) before July 31st on British Airways, American, Iberia or Finnair, you’ll receive 1,600 points per person, even on bookings you’ve already made. In Business Extra’s program, those points are worth enough for more than two (2) domestic upgrade certificates from economy to business and if two people travel, one (1) upgrade certificate, even on discount tickets to business class on almost any international flight world wide. For two travelers, that’s four free upgrades, an international upgrade or lounge access for a year for a flight you’ll either plan to take or have already booked. You can also couple that with American’s 25,000 point bonus on the same flights, so you can earn 25,000 bonus miles and 2 free upgrades from one round trip! You can even earn those bonuses up to two times…

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  1. I tried but : On Business from BA requires a VAT number. No gmail email address allowed

    VAT number
    Companies in the United Kingdom must supply their VAT registration number to enrol in On Business.

    The VAT number will be used to verify that your company or organisation is eligible to join the programme.

    You can find your VAT registration number (VRN) on:
    • your VAT registration certificate
    • correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs

    The registration number is made up of 9 digits, for example: 123 4567 89.

    Just to let you know
    Best F

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