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AirAsia is the discount carrier taking over Southeast Asia with low fares and clever promotion, not to mention some smart disruptive business moves too. To spur on travel demand for their long haul arm, Air Asia X, the airline is out with a promotion so tempting, it hardly seems real – yet it is.

For 499MYR, which is about $120, travelers can venture between Malaysia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China and India on an unlimited basis for an entire year, just paying taxes and fees on each journey.

The big catch? It’s certainly seems intended for Malaysian based members of their BIG frequent flyer program, though it doesn’t look like anything stands in anyone else’s way. The other minor catches?One – you can only book a minimum of 14 days in advance, and if you no show more than three times, you lose your pass. Basically, you need to fly what you book.

And two – unlimited doesn’t mean entirely free travel. You’ll still pay government imposed taxes and fees for your travel, you just get a pass on any airfare charges. Advanced seating assignments and other extras aren’t included either.Taxes and fees can be just $5 or so, so that’s not a huge deal, but worth noting.

Really though, it’s incredible to be able to jet-set between Australia, Southeast Asia, India and North Asia for $120, for an entire year.

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Naturally, this sort of deal won’t last forever, and accordingly it’s only available for the next 7 days, and will likely sell out before then. If you’re based in Malaysia or want to chance it from elsewhere, this is a no brainer. Here’s full details on how to purchase the pass, which also has links to the T&C’s for any interested parties.

As to the elephant in the room known as Coronavirus, it’s already virtually everywhere, so unless you plan to bunker yourself in a room of disinfectant wipes, you might as well travel and see the beautiful world while it makes the rounds. It’s probably already in your local community, so fear of getting it somewhere else isn’t entirely justified. Just be extra hygienic.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the best of Asia for $120 a year? Particularly if you have lots of friends with comfortable couches in each Air Asia X destination. Hey, one can dream…

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  1. “Sorry, no such offer exists”
    Message on AirAsia deals page when I tried to purchase on AirAsia.com

    Anyone else?

  2. Looks like you must book 14 days or more in advance: “Flight booking must be made at least 14 days before departure”. I read your article to mean within 14 days, but it is kind of ambiguous!

  3. Tried both the web site and the app. Even tried setting ‘where are you from’ in the app to Malaysia, but cannot find how to any link to get to the sign up page! Strange way to promote without any way to get to the sign up page (I wonder if such a page even exists!)

  4. The first of the T&Cs:

    AirAsia Unlimited Pass
    The AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available for BIG Members within Malaysia who are at least 12 years of age on the date of departure and the passenger must be the BIG Member who made the booking. Each AirAsia Unlimited Pass is assigned to one (1) passenger only with one (1) BIG Member account. For the avoidance of doubt, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is not available for children aged below 12 on the date of departure.

  5. I bought the pass and am planning to use it in November for a grand Asian trip. To purchase, use a VPN and set the location to Malaysia. This should allow you to access the deal and purchase. You will need to use a vpn when you wish to buy your tickets

  6. VPN or no VPN, laptop site, mobile or app, the deal is invisible altogether. It made no difference that my BIG account carries my Malaysian address. There’s no notification that they’re all sold out, nor a press release to the same effect.

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