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“We’re quite a fiddly shaped country, a bit like a half eaten lamb chop”…

New Zealand has launched a global campaign with the simplest of goals: it’s tired of being left off maps. The island nation offers arguably the finest travel destination in the world, and perhaps for that exact reason, the country has raised the possibility of a growing conspiracy against it. Is New Zealand intentionally being left off world maps, to keep people from discovering how wonderful it is? Rhys Darby will explain…


Is England part of the conspiracy on account of recent New Zealand All Blacks Rugby victories? Is Australia jealous? Is it because the country looks like a half eaten lamb chop? These are the very serious, not to be taken lightly conspiracy questions raised by comedian Rhys Darby to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the latest campaign video.

All Jokes Aside

Forget that, this isn’t a laughing matter! For years, New Zealand has been left off important world maps, without any decent explanation and New Zealand Tourism is sick of it. It’s a real “thing”. The phenomenon has been covered since 2017 in The Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveler and a 28,000 post Reddit thread, in case you have quite a bit of free time. Even Universal Studios has left the quintessentially perfect land off of their obnoxiously large globe! How could they?! No offense Universal Studios but… New Zealand > Universal Studios.


From Waiheke Island to Milford Sound, New Zealand is easily one of the greatest destinations on earth. In fact, it’s so beautiful – the only explanation we can fathom for it being left off maps, is because it’s otherworldly. Even if it’s not on your map, fear not, pilots know how to get there. New Zealand is one of the few places where every single traveler fails to budget enough time in the country, because they can never fathom just how many worthwhile things there are to see and do. Is Queenstown the most beautiful destination? Is the drive from Queenstown to Mt. Cook truly idyllic? Is Waiheke the world’s most relaxing place to have a glass of wine? If New Zealand keeps getting left off the map, you may never know. Next time you put together a map, make sure this fiddly lamb chop, larger than the United Kingdom is on proud display. Otherwise, you may have Rhys Darby and Jacinda Ardern chasing after you. Not that we’d mind…

Have you been to New Zealand?

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