Chase Sapphire Reserve
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Travel may be at a standstill, but unless you’re “off the grid” your expenses probably aren’t. Credit card companies are eager to offer the sixteen digits you type in from food delivery to Peloton orders, and to make their cards a more attractive choice, each issuer is rolling out extra perks, and spending bonuses. Chase is now no stranger, with a new dedicated website to see if your spending can earn you more rewards.

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My Bonus From Chase

Chase has a cool new tool which allows you to see if any of your credit cards could be earning you more points, more cash back or other perks right now.

That’s handy, because earning 5 points per dollar is very different to earning 10 points per dollar, and those are the kinds of things you could be missing out, since the offers require registration. Each offer is customized to you and the cards you may hold, so not everyone will have offers, while others will have quite a few.

The more rewards credit cards you have with Chase, the more likely you are to have special spending offers, particularly with travel related cards. Credit cards including the British Airways, IHG, Marriott, Southwest seem to have particularly good offers right now, but offers exist for virtually all chase cards, including those which earn Ultimate Rewards Points.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

How Chase ‘My Bonus’ Works

This is one of those things that takes seconds, and could add amazing extra earning to your points, so there’s little to lose. The Chase ‘My Bonus’ website is very simple.

Upon landing on the Chase ‘My Bonus’ page, you enter a few details, like the last 4 of your card, zip and last name, and the website will either tell you it’s happy days – aka special bonus offers – or just the same day you had going on before.

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Here’s what the Chase ‘My Bonus’ page looks like.

For example, the Chase British Airways Visa Signature Card typically offers a lowly 1 point per dollar spent on things like dining and groceries, but many cards are now targeted for 7 points per dollar, for a limited time. Without looking, there’s no way to know what you might be missing.

Ultimately, it would’ve been lovely to have these offers automatically appear on each card, but that’s not the case. Knowing that, 30 seconds of time for huge potential gains if your cards are targeted for spending bonuses is a small price to pay. Give it a whirl?

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