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Having elite status can be really useful, particularly when it guarantees certain benefits which are meaningful to you.

Take 4PM checkout – everyone hates having to vacate a room all too early, so being guaranteed the opportunity to stay until 4PM is wonderful. Guaranteed breakfast, or access to a club lounge can be a big one too.

As far as a really good elite status that’s also attainable goes, Marriott Platinum is a bit of a sweet spot. You can get some suite upgrades, club lounge access, guaranteed late 4PM check out and pretty frequent room upgrades, as well as breakfast.

And right now, by combining a limited time Marriott Bonvoy points and double nights promotion with a Marriott Bonvoy card, hitting Platinum status is easier than it’s ever been, and there are a few reasons this might be one of the best years to earn status.

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New Marriott 1,000 Points + Double Nights Promo

Marriott Bonvoy has a newly launched bonus promotion for all Bonvoy members, where you can earn 1,000 bonus points per night, as well as double nights on all stays from February 8th to May 4th.

Via the promotion, if you stay 15 nights total, you’d earn credit for 30 nights, as well as 15,000 bonus points, with 1,000 bonus points for each night stayed. Since the nights now count for double toward elite status, this opens the door big time for status.

Pair This With 15 Nights From Marriott Bonvoy Cards

It takes “50 nights” in a year to earn Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Status and 75 for the top standard tier of ‘Titanium’ level.

Obviously, someone staying 25 actual nights between February 8th and May 4th would naturally hit Platinum, which is cool, but Marriott Bonvoy makes Platinum, or even top tier Titanium even easier to achieve via their credit card perks.

Marriott’s US credit cards offer 15 nights toward status each year automatically, or up to 30 total if you have both a personal and a business credit card. If you have a Bonvoy card, or have been considering one, that’s 15 nights to 30 nights towards 50 already.

Hitting Marriott Platinum Really Quickly

If you have a Marriott Bonvoy Card, or are going to get one, then “35” nights is what’s leftover to attain Platinum Status. Here’s a list of the Marriott Bonvoy Cards which offer 15 nights toward elite status each year.

Via the new double nights and 1,000 bonus points offer open to everyone, you really just need 18 actual nights to hit Platinum. Staying 18 actual nights between Feb 8 and May 4 would give you 36 nights toward the annual 50 total nights needed, and the 15 from the Bonvoy credit card would take you the rest of the way.

If you have a business, adding a Marriott Bonvoy business card in addition to your personal Marriott Bonvoy card would give another 15 nights, which puts you within 10 nights of top tier Titanium.

Only “Ambassador” elite sits above Titanium, and Ambassador requires $20,000 in spending in addition to 100 nights to achieve, so it’s not quite as feasible for most as the other statuses are.

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The St. Regis Maldives

Marriott Bonvoy Platinum: Now’s The Time?

Whether you’ll hit Platinum or not, it makes all the sense in the world to proactively register for the double nights and 1,000 bonus points per night promotion.

Why would anyone want to miss out on either, if there’s even a chance they’ll be staying in a Marriott Bonvoy property in the next few months. Really, there’s no reason not to.

But for those who want to optimize things further, this is an incredible chance to combine this rare double nights offer with one of the most lucrative ongoing reasons to hold a Marriott Bonvoy credit card, which is the 15 nights credited annually.

Getting 15 nights off the bat and then having every night for the next few months count as two is just about the fastest way to Marriott Bonvoy status out there.

There are lots of other great hotel elite statuses out there from different chains, but Platinum really manages to include many of the most sought after features, without being too difficult. If you’d benefit from locking these perks in on every stay, this is a pretty straightforward way of getting there.

With fewer people traveling for the next few years, opportunities for upgrades is better than average, particularly if you’ve got a status that offers them as a perk! Register for the new double nights plus 1,000 bonus points promo, here.

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  1. You are assuming that Marriott flagged properties will actually honor your Platinum benefits. That has not been my experience. Marriott corporate could care less.

  2. I absolutely agree with RJB. Last summer I spent a total of 75 nights in various Marriott properties throughout the US. I was initially a platinum member and became a titanium member thru the summer. Not one offered me (even after requests) an upgrade or even a welcoming gift. Interestingly, I decided one night to stay at a LaQuinta and they voluntarily upgraded me to a 2 bedroom suite. I have found that your status only means something in certain countries, certainly not the US nor UK (London Country Hall, York Marriott Breadsall Priory). In Vietnam I was upgrade several times, also on Copenhagen as well. Wish there was some consistency. Even acknowledgement at times would be nice.

  3. This was exactly my thought when I read this. Marriott doesn’t “guarantee” anything anymore, I certainly wouldn’t be counting on a 4pm checkout at any property never mind that all resorts are already excluded. And yes, Marriott corporate doesn’t give a damn.

  4. Ever since Marriott took control of the superior Starwood the goal has always been to reduce benefits for most while expanding them for the few

  5. Good luck finding a hotel with the Lounge open, I’m Titanium elite and zero upgrades during the past two years

  6. Already a titanium. Tried to register for this and Marriot says not eligible. Wonder if this is only for members who are not Platinum?

  7. The fact is that Marriott is not what they advertise to be. I have platinum elite status and have yet to be offered any of the perks mentioned. Didn’t Marriott hotel also quit offering breakfast?

  8. Michael, wish you would indicate a particular Hotel with your pictures. That Hong Kong Bathroom looks great. But could I afford a Mystery Hotel?

  9. do reward nights count towards your status and if so do they count as double during this promotion still ?

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