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Nothing is more annoying than redeeming points for a fantastic resort and then getting there and finding out that drinks by the pool and the (occasional) lunch and dinner on the property could fund a small wedding. But, have you ever considered a luxury all-inclusive points redemption?

Luxury All-Inclusive Points Redemption

All-Inclusive is one of the fastest-growing segments. Still, many are reluctant to choose an all-inclusive because they are not convinced that the overall quality of food and beverage will align with what they desire.

Hyatt has also been aggressively adding properties that are available for redemption via World Of Hyatt Points, but many resorts would not be considered high-end luxury properties.

So, the choice previously was to redeem points for just a room/suite at an awesome resort (and a great redemption) that is valued at $800 to $1500 a night or just “deal” with redeeming for a less expensive all-inclusive that might not be your idea of bougie food and beverage.

Luxury All-Inclusive Points Redemption - Secrets Impression Moxché - World Of Hyatt
This does not seem like what I recall when checking out “all-inclusive” resorts.

When a resort offers multiple dining options and upgraded alcoholic beverages, you know this is aimed at a more upscale experience. It is also great to note that they offer 24-hour private in-suite dining.

This new Impression concept has been introduced to the Secrets portfolio to offer this more elevated “all-inclusive” experience.

Secrets Impression Resorts & Spas have raised the bar and truly elevated what it means to stay an all-inclusive resort. With Endless Privileges everything is included with our compliments for your stay – from unparalleled personal service to customized and unique experiences, exclusive amenities and authentic gourmet cuisine from a large number of unique restaurants and bars.

Opening December 1, 2022 – Secrets Impression Moxché

There is a pretty good reason you probably have not heard about this luxury all-inclusive points redemption, and that is because this is a brand-new resort. Secrets Impression Moxché opens on December 1st and features 198 suites with an earthy feel. 

The entry-level Signature Suite is 947 sq/ft, has a bathroom with a rain shower and a furnished balcony or terrace with a soaking tub. You’ll have access to a private pool and numerous food and beverage venues. Some of the venues are specifically reserved for Impression and are noted with Exclusive to Impression Moxché guests only.

Secrets Impression Moxché - World Of Hyatt
Secrets Impression Moxché – World Of Hyatt Points

21K World Of Hyatt Points For Luxury and All-Inclusive

You can redeem for this property for as low as 21k World Of Hyatt Points. Room rates are consistently north of $1000 per night at this property. With a maximum of 29k points, you can expect a stay to average around 26k points even if you have a few peak days in your stay.

Luxury All-Inclusive Points Redemption - Secrets Impression Moxché - World Of Hyatt

This is a pretty decent deal for this number of points. Heck, some luxury beach resorts and luxury resorts exceed 30k points per night.

Simplistically you are looking at a redemption on average of 25k points with a value of at least $1000. But, more importantly, on a practical level, you should not have many additional charges for your stay. The main question will be the luxury aspects of this all-inclusive living up to your expectations.

Secrets Impression Moxché - World Of Hyatt

You can easily make your own comparison on the Hyatt Website.

One Bonus Yields a Few Luxury Nights!

Wondering about what you will do with your sign-up bonus for a new card? Perhaps, this gives you some inspiration. 80k points sure go a long way at this resort! Remember that in addition to Ultimate Rewards, Bilt also transfers to World Of Hyatt.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

This resort is adults-only, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if considering a family vacation. Also, they charge a $50 fee if you cancel a points reservation within the cancellation terms.

It is also hard to have a complete understanding of all of the offerings without visiting. In addition to breathtaking rooftop or ocean views, Impression guests can access fine dining Author’s Choice signature restaurants.

The description almost sounds too good to be true: “Indulge with limitless access to gourmet à la carte restaurants – no reservations required, international top-shelf spirits, natural fruit juices, and soft drinks,” so I decided someone had to take the plunge and visit the resort shortly after opening in December.

Look for a full report and overview in a future article.

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  1. I’ve stayed at the Secrets Morona Beach recently. It changed my way of looking at all-inclusives entirely. The food was outstanding and the service top notch. I used Hyatt points for all but 2 of the 7 nights. Simply outstanding.

  2. Definitely not a fan of all inclusive-bad experience in Punta Cana gave me PTSD. But this is something I would try. Looking forward to the future review. Thanks for educating.

  3. Thank you for this informative post. I booked a five night stay at impressions for my anniversary. 29k per night and I was able to use a suite upgrade to the oceanfront suite.

  4. I booked four nights at Impressions in May for 21k per night– a steal for what would otherwise be a $1200 a night room.

  5. Michael and others,

    Any updates on this property yet? I have a reservation booked from December 18-21st. Did it actually open on December 1st?

    Looking forward to Michael’s post/review soon.

  6. The property is now playing the “award game” with availability. They removed the “Tropical View” rooms from their inventory so that it’s impossible to book via points. I reached out to Hyatt and got a typical “we’ll alert the hotel” response. I suspect they will wait until March when Hyatt reevaluates their hotel award chart.

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