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When champagne isn’t just champagne and it’s accompanied by fine caviar, you know you’re in first class. When that all follows a Porsche ride to the plane from a private first class terminal, you know you’re in Lufthansa first class. For those that find the flat beds of business uninspired, there’s only one place to go. Lufthansa has launched a wildly attractive first and business class sale from Europe to the best destinations in Asia, so here’s how to get in while you can…

The First & Business Deals

Swiss and Lufthansa are making a major play in Italy, with 2 for 1 offers just in time for the festive season. These deals offer prices as low as you ever find for first and business class. The only catch? You need to book for two passengers. The very best prices are only available if you book for two. Find a friend, loved one, frenemy, family member or rich stranger, and go. These deals are available from all over Italy, which makes them incredibly easy to take advantage of, even if you’re based elsewhere. Yes, at these prices, it can easily be worth using points or a cheap flight to position yourself to Rome, Milan or any of these cities. Here are the best round trip deals to Asia, per person like…

an airplane with a bed and a televisionSwiss & Lufthansa Business

  • €980 business to Delhi round trip.
  • €980 business to Mumbai round trip.
  • €1199 business to Bangkok round trip.
  • €1199 business to Hong Kong round trip.
  • €1275 business to Johannesburg round trip.

a seat in an airplaneSwiss & Lufthansa First

  • €1799 first to Dubai round trip.
  • €1999 first to Bangkok round trip.
  • €1999 first to Nairobi round trip.
  • €2399 first to Singapore round trip.
  • €2499 first to Hong Kong round trip.
  • €2699 first to Sao Paulo round trip.

a city skyline with many lightsThe Business & First  Deal Dates

These deals come around a few times a year, and all the best ones disappear almost instantly. That’s especially true for first class, just FYI. These deals must be booked by October 26th, for travel between October 24th 2018, and December 31st, 2019. Your outbound flight must depart before September 30th, 2019.

a bed with a white sheet and a tvHow To Book These  Deals

Booking is easy. Lufthansa and Swiss offer dedicated deal pages, which take you directly to the best offers, with easy calendars for finding availability. Surprising, right? Here are the dedicated pages for Lufthansa offers in Business and First, and for Swiss Business and First. For business class, many travelers prefer Swiss, but in first class you really can’t go wrong with either airline. Both airlines offer incredible products. You’ll find the best experiences on Lufthansa’s 747 or A380, and on the Swiss 777. Enjoy your trip!

Are you jetting off to Asia in style?

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  1. Thanks for the deal alert!

    I was able to book two RT MXP-ZRH-BKK (biz outgoing & first return) for next August for 1500€ per person. Couldn’t quite get a full first trip, but returning in first (on the sweet 773ER!) is still worth it.

    Thanks again!

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