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“Points, why bother?”

At the very very least, ignoring all the wildly luxurious ways you can use them- points mean savings. Big savings, little savings, but always savings, if used correctly. This post may not reveal any new secrets for some of you, but it’s a valuable way of looking at what points can do for you.

a tall tower in Tokyo Tower at nightWhere You Are

The key concept here is that the very best flight deals are not always starting from where you presently are. For $25 bucks, there’s no reason to look into starting elsewhere, but for major savings, or business class for a similar price as economy- it can be worth traveling.

an airplane flying in the sky4,500 Points At A Time

While flying to another location- just to fly to another location may sound like an eccentric, expensive and crazy habit to some: it doesn’t have to be. Starting at just 4,500 points all around the world, and 7,500 points in the U.S. it’s easy to grab a one way ticket to better deals, without spending virtually any cash. If you earn points from online shopping, eating and other things- points are easy.

a city skyline with a body of waterExamples

Let’s start with flying economy from the U.S. to Paris. You live in Alabama and tickets are a minimum of $1000 from your local airport. But you’d only need to use 7,500 miles to get to Miami, where tickets are just $350 round trip $650 in savings from 7,500 points. Or better yet, Europe to Asia- we’ll say Singapore, in business class. Departing London the lowest price is about $3,500 per person. Departing Sofia, thanks to a Qatar Airways sale– tickets are $2287 for two. Yep, $1100 per person.

The Point

You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t look. Having an arsenal of points which offer the lowest rates for short flights (we have a post on that here) can make for incredible cash savings on virtually any ticket. Basically, even if you may never accumulate enough points for a crazy first class ticket, they can still help you save a whole lot of money, just a few points at a time.

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