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It’s a lotta points, but a wonderful experience no doubt…

Lufthansa First Class is an adventure in precision, luxury and refinement – all wrapped up in an understated way that bleeds sophistication. The cabin has long been one of the most sought after tickets in the sky and has proven elusive even to business class travelers. Lufthansa has ever only allowed upgrades to first class when traveling on expensive, typically corporate tickets – but now that’s all changed. Looking for a Lufthansa first class upgrade? It’s now easier than ever.

a white airplane in the skyDiscount Tickets Are Now Upgradeable

The world “discount” next to business class is a bit of an oxymoron. But with that said, we’ve business class sales from Lufthansa under €1000 round trip to fantastic long haul destinations such as San Francisco, Dubai, New York. Unlike many airlines, Lufthansa has long restricted upgrades from business to first class – unless traveling on a pricey flexible ticket. Until now, a “discount” business class ticket would be ineligible for upgrade. Lufthansa has now changed those restrictive rules, allowing upgrades to first class from both “P” and “Z” lower priced discount business class fares. These are the most reasonably affordable business class fares. The tickets must be upgraded using the Miles & More loyalty program.

Miles & More Loyalty Program Upgrades Only

Miles & More is the shared loyalty program of Lufthansa and Swiss. If you’d like to take advantage of these new more flexible upgrade rules, you’ll need to use points from Miles & More. No other airline loyalty programs are eligible to upgrade using points. You can earn ‘Miles & More’ miles easily via the Miles & More credit card, by transferring hotel points such as SPG points and of course, by flying on Star Alliance Airlines all over the world. Upgrades on discounted tickets will require roughly 20,000 miles more than those on the more expensive business class tickets. A one way upgrade will cost between 55,000 and 75,000 miles depending on destination.

two glasses of wine on a tray by a windowThe Takeaway: Niche, But Nice

Paying over 100,000 miles to upgrade from the already flat beds of business class to the wider flat beds of first class with more personalized service and expensive booze is a tall order. This is a rather niche offer, but one that’s certainly welcomed, as more more and more customers will be able to experience the airline’s flagship offering. Lufthansa First Class is a phenomenal way to travel and we always appreciate an airline make their loyalty program more approachable to more and more members. For the skeptics in favor of protecting the exclusivity, we feel it will hardly make a noticeable impact. There just aren’t a whole lot of people who will happily part ways with 70,000 miles to upgrade a flight from Frankfurt to New York one way. Nice one, Lufthansa.

Will these changes improve your travels or loyalty?

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