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Big seat, nice champagne, good service- but what makes Lufthansa First Class stand out? You could start with the separate terminal for first class passengers; or the Porsche ride to the plane, or perhaps the personal assistant who takes care of you while you wait for your ride- but the answer: there are quite a few things that make Lufthansa First Class truly exceptional. Here’s a 360°-virtual reality look…

Starting At The Hotel Lobby First Class Terminal…

2 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

As if directing a taxi driver to a terminal just for First Class passengers isn’t gratifying enough, the personal greeting from your personal assistant- opening the car door for you is just wowing. After a breeze through the private security channel, literally being the only one in line- I was into the First Class lounge.

And Then Into The… Shower?

3 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

After a brutally hot day exploring Frankfurt, the first thing I needed to make the journey a perfect experience was a shower. Fortunately, my First Class Terminal Personal Assistant marched me directly to the shower suites, where warm water and excellent water pressure awaited. Not to mention top notch Etro shower products and a comfy robe. Refreshed? Totally.

Now, To Celebrate…

7 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Flying first class is a celebration. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. With that spirit in mind- Lufthansa stock their First Class Terminal bar with incredible wines, champagne, spirits and cocktails. Johnny Walker Blue anyone? or Ruinart champagne? Incredible! On a hot day, the expertly made Singapore Sling truly hit the spot though, perhaps too well…

And Eat Like A King…

6 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Buffet or a la carte? Who cares. Guests in the First Class Terminal can use the sit down dining facilities to help themselves to a plentiful buffet spread, or opt for the delights of their a la carte menu. We’re not talking about fried cheeseburgers here. The food was absolutely delectable, presented in styles you’d be proud to see in a restaurant. Bring an appetite, but save some room for food on the plane!

And Then Have A Siesta…

8 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Look: traveling, eating and drinking full time is hard work. After enjoying the fruits of my 40,000 points of labor, it was time for a much needed afternoon siesta before my grueling Porsche ride to the plane. Lufthansa has two “sleep rooms” which you can request upon arrival, or book in advance using First Class services. They even do wake up calls, just in case you have a severe phobia of sleeping though a flight, like I do.

Suddenly, It’s Porsche Ride Time. Woohoo.

Completely refreshed, my personal assistant escorted me down below the First Class Terminal to the waiting cars- poised to escort all First passengers to their respective flights. A quick stamp from the German authorities and we were rolling. Not only is there a feeling of pure and utter sophistication and “baller status” while riding in your private Porsche to the plane, the #avgeek views are pretty unreal.

And Onto 8 Hours Of First Class Luxury…

9 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

After a warm, personable greeting from Alex, the truly fantastic crew member looking after me for the flight I was already feeling the “first class buzz”. That, or the Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle was already hitting the spot. We’ll go with the first. The cabin: clean, modern, refined, fresh, beautiful. This is the way to fly.

About That $129 A Bottle Champagne…

10 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Ok, ok… this 360° is mostly staged- but I loved the mini “bar” setup directly next to my seat. Throughout the flight passengers could help themselves to infused water, snacks and wine. Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle is a treat every time, and on this flight, I certainly got my money’s worth. Remember, it’s a celebration, after all.

And That Caviar Serice + Fine Dining…

1 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Let’s be real here- caviar service is as opulent as it gets. It was literally hard not to giggle as the Beluga vodka shot was poured next to my beautifully presented caviar, with all the trimmings. Everything is funnier with a buzz, I suppose. Anyway, the meal service on this flight was inspired, with a trio of appetizers, a delectable Thai red curry chicken and a refreshing- palate cleansing lemon tart to finish. After a nice nap, there was even a sushi course to hold us over before landing.

But It’s All About The Bed In The End…

11 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

If you can eat 9 course meals and drink top shelf champagne for 8 straight hours, with the occasional vodka and caviar course in between- bless you. Sadly, I’m one of the many that need a good nap in between. As my interest in the Ben Afleck re run began to fade, I asked for my bed to be made. Alex and co promptly gave me the full turndown service- leaving me with this beautifully enticing bed.

And The Privacy Screen, You Have One Of Those…

12 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Note the difference between the previous 360° and this one? Other than the obscure looking male now inhabiting the bed? Yes! It’s the privacy screen, well done! Even the pickiest (most boring) flyers have to admit that the Lufthansa First Class privacy screen does more than enough to offer privacy from other guests (as if the other 7 people in the cabin even care about you). I personally found it wonderful to have the option to maneuver it up or down, depending on the time of flight. It’s brilliant, and so too is Lufthansa First Class. What an experience!

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  1. WTF is up with these videos that take forever to load and ruin the scrolling experience. Just post pictures like a normal person, wtf.

  2. Hello. Nice reading about your 1st class experience. You would have done better informing us of your destination, aircraft type, flight number and time of day. Overall, your report fell short.

  3. Nice look at the Lufthansa first class experience, a little surprised given the level of service that they don’t provide a car service to the airport like some other airports even if it was only in Frankfurt

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