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There’s a great debate in travel. What’s better: New York or London? Historically, New York has been known for better food, but many now say London takes the nod with more high quality restaurants and rising top chefs. Bars? Well, London did just win world’s best bar in 2018, but New York won last year. It’s the time of year where you can lock in the best travel deals, and wherever you’re based, you can finally decide for yourself whether London is as cool as they say. For the cool price of $355 round trip, it’s the perfect time…

british airways 787The Flight Deals

London is always worth the trip, and on that note, it’s not actually that far. There’s been talk that London may one day get its own NFL team, because flight time between the East Coast and California isn’t actually much longer than the flight to London. It’s all in your mind! BA, also known as British Airways is bringing the early Cyber Week heat with round trip flights starting at $355. You can jet off from New York, Boston, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago.

a group of red telephone boothsThe Travel Dates

These flight deals are available on select dates in most of 2019, but they’re wide open in May, August, September and October. May is a perfect time of year to visit, before the craziness of peak summer travel and after the cold weather has moved out, but then again autumn gives you the classic British weather which *some* might say is charming.

a road with flags on itHow To Book

Google Flights makes finding flight deals really easy. We’ve made handy links which allow you to play around with travel dates, looking for days where prices are in “green”, which means lowest. Here are the best round trip deals, like: $355 from New York, $366 from Boston, $410 from Chicago, $417 from San Francisco, $450 from Miami and $457 from Los Angeles. Here’s what not to do in London as a tourist, just in case you’re known for making tourist fails…

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