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I’m not even going to pretend to mix words here- I believe that I am one of the best flight deal hunters on the planet. I get in on almost all of the incredible deals that pop up, have more than 1000 flight alerts set, all around the world, I know all the little tricks, secrets and mechanisms to save money. Perhaps it’s for that reason- that I never really paid attention to price guarantees. Yesterday, I was thrilled to get an amazing education on price guarantees, via the comment section of my post on JetBlue’s 14 day price guarantee.

So, (Admittedly) Unbeknownst To Me, Price Guarantees Are “A Thing” With Many Airlines…

Within minutes of posting, I received tons of comments saying “So does United”, “So does Southwest”, “So does Alaska” and “So does EasyJet”. Well, all I can say is thank you. I never looked into these policies, and I learned a lot, thanks to you savvy travelers. What’s important to remember here, is that even if you’re intimately familiar with these policies, most people aren’t- so bringing them to light is awesome for everyone.

And Apparently, Alaska And Southwest Have Even More Generous Policies When It Comes To Price Guarantees…

Indeed, I had to research just how good these programs are- and low and behold, they are fantastic. If you book a ticket on Alaskaair.com, and the price drops for your exact flights- any time before departure, they’ll give you a credit of the difference. Southwest, the same deal. EasyJet apparently still offers some form of protection as well, but only on their more expensive tickets.

So Without A Doubt, You Should Be Setting Free Alerts To See If Prices Drop…

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be tracking prices for flights you’ve already purchased, especially if you’re flying with JetBlue, Alaska or Southwest. Money towards future flights is incredible. Follow these easy to use tips to set alerts for free, and enjoy the savings! Thanks again to everyone who commented and taught this guy a lesson!

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  1. Well. I just had the opposite…

    Qatar cancelled an overnight hold and put the price up £1k.

    Didn’t know about price guarantees. That’s cool.

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