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Color us excited, because it’s not every day you learn something new and exciting- that also saves you money. JetBlue has been one of the most innovative airlines from the beginning, but there’s one policy that we were totally oblivious to, until DealsWeLike posted about it. Did you know JetBlue will give you money if the price of your ticket drops within 14 days? There’s even a way to get money after the 14 day mark…

JetBlue Has A 14 Day Price Protection Policy- Where You’ll Get A Future Travel Voucher If The Price Drops…

That’s right. If you book a fare today, and the price drops in the next 14 days, they will issue you a voucher for the difference in your ticket. You’ll be able to use these vouchers toward future travel. Considering no other airline offers any help for a ticket purchased once the purchase has passed 24 hours, this is extremely generous.

a row of seats on an airplaneSo Let’s Talk Details…

Your future travel voucher goes into your “TravelBank” which you can see when logging into your JetBlue account. If you don’t have a JetBlue account, make one. Your voucher is valid for an entire year, and can be used by yourself, or anyone else. No restrictions, amazing. Apparently, even outside of 15 days, you can pay a $75 fee for the same privilege, so if a significant change occurs, you’re covered. To get your voucher in either case, just call in to the airline.

This Really Works, So Set Price Alerts…

If you haven’t been setting price alerts in life- you’ve been missing out. We highly recommend following these easy to use Google Flights tips, so that you can track JetBlue prices for each day after you book, with no effort required. If you get an email saying the price has dropped, you can call in to get your voucher.

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  1. It’s flat out wrong to say other airlines don’t offer such price protection.

    Alaska and southwest for example have better policies than JetBlue on this.

  2. “Considering no other airline offers any help for a ticket purchased once the purchase has passed 24 hours, this is extremely generous.”

    Southwest Airlines does this too and it is not limited to 14 days.

  3. easyJet has a similar policy. Previously for all pax, now restricted to easyJet Plus and Flying Club (or whatever it’s called).

  4. You are very behind on the times. B6 used to offer the travel bank credit for fare drops at any time, not just within 14 days in advance — that changed about a couple of years ago. And Mosaic has without a doubt the best elite benefit out there because I can cancel a ticket (for me and travel companions) at any time and get a full credit back. It leads me to book them over legacies all the time when fares seem on the high side or my plans may be uncertain. That’s presumably B6’s goal with this benefit – brilliant.

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