Enjoy the freebies…

Unlike flying, two or three words really can get you an upgrade or other perks at some of the best hotels around the world – for free. That’s right – saying two words other than “credit card” won’t ever get you an flight upgrade, but saying three words, with no financial commitment whatsoever really can unlock free hotel benefits, just for being an “in the know” customer. Kimpton rewards savvy customers with a limited time special “check in” password to unlock loyalty gifts, and in case you were wondering… we’ve got the password.

Kimpton Worldwide

Kimpton is the beloved “boutique” hotel group now owned by IHG. It’s the chain where you can expect a free drinks hour in the evening, quirky pillows and unique settings. The last time GSTP stayed at a Kimpton, all the pillows featured the face of the one and only Ricky Gervais, just for reference. We certainly weren’t complaining.

Secret Password

Kimpton offers welcome gifts, upgrades, free breakfast and other perks for savvy travelers who are loyal to the Kimpton family of hotels. These passwords are usually quite hard to get a hold of, but we’ll be happy to share it with you, after one more scroll, once we’ve made enough money off of you from advertising. Hey, win – win – right?

The Secret Kimpton Password

If you have a Kimpton stay before September 2nd, 2019 – simply utter the words: “off duty” during your check in. You may have to give some context, and say “the secret password is”, just in case you receive a blank stare from the check in desk.

Once you do, you’ll be privy to nice perks which can transform your stay from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Extraordinary is a big word, but at the very least, something like free breakfast can save you $25 per night per person, and a suite upgrade can make you feel awesome, which you know – is valuable.

Will you utter the secret words?

Featured image courtesy of Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs.

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