You had me at cheese…

Los Angeles is a popular move for New Yorkers, tempted in by the perfect weather, glitzy glamour and buzzing nightlife. But all New Yorkers know they’ll be sacrificing two distinct things with a Los Angeles move: great bagels and the best pizza. JetBlue is changing that. In easily one of the most amusing, if not completely impractical promotions in history, JetBlue is now delivering pizzas…

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing it350 Patsy’s Pies A Day

Drooling? From May 9th thru May 11th JetBlue will deliver 350 fresh pizza’s a day from the world famous Patsy’s Pizzeria in Harlem. After fresh baking in the charcoal oven, they’ll board a flight from  New York JFK to Los Angeles, California. These pies will cost just $12 for plain cheese or $15 for pepperoni with delivery fees and a tip for your pizza delivery driver included. And YES – they will deliver to most metropolitan Los Angeles locations…

New York Pizza Pie In The Sky

Everyone knows pizza is always better the next day. Patsy’s will bake fresh pies in the evening and they’ll then be reheated upon arrival in LA before delivery. This is every New Yorker living in California’s ultimate dream and one that simply cannot be missed. With that in mind, you should check out the dedicated Pie In The Sky deal page from JetBlue. It’s got everything you need to know to get your hands on a perfect NY pizza – in LA.

a group of palm treesJetBlue Transcontinental Sales

JetBlue has been crushing the game lately with amazing transcontinental fares in all cabins. We’ve seen JetBlue Mint business class deals available on direct coast to coast flights starting at $399 one way, or $799 round trip. Round trip economy has dipped below $200 on occasion too. As a New Yorker living abroad, I certainly wish I moved to Los Angeles and not London, at least from May 9th-11th. Hey JetBlue, London next?

Will you order one of these rare Patsy’s NY pizza pies?

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  1. glamour and buzzing nightlife, yeah it is one hundred percent true about this city.

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